Why is KPM affecting the prices displayed on this website?

  • 7 March 2021
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So whilst browsing Testermans.co.uk I noticed the prices were hugely inflated. With KPM enabled in Firefox and Edge prices are crazy and simply disabling the addon reverts them to normal.


I have tried clearing the cache etc and reinstalling the addon but it persists? Would like to get to the bottom of this! I tried contacting the website developers but they could not recreate the fault and seems to think it’s a local issue.


If anyone could test this out and let me know if it’s happening to anyone else it would be appreciated! :)


just click this link to test : "https://testermans.co.uk/product-category/electrical/electrical-testing-equipment/multifunction-testers/multifunction-tester/"


Examples below, prices of exactly the same item with KPM disabled/enabled



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3 replies

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@Polaroid44 Welcome. Kaspersky is not related with this issue that I can’t reproduce.

Any idea of settings that may effect this?


I just tried reinstalling the KPM for windows, still does it.

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@Polaroid44 Some Web  Servers can detect VPN connections  , please continue with the  website developers.