What is the csv format to import in Kaspersky Password Manager?

  • 17 November 2019
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HI. Can you please inform what is the format of csv to import data into KPM? Is there any headline?

Is there like this?




21 replies

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Hello @Tadashi_Iko,


The file format .csv is referring to the file extension.

For example, when the password are imported & the imported file is named passwords, the original import file is saved as passwords.csv

The internal formatting of the raw .csv file should not be modified.

Thank you

Reference: KPM Import 

Ok. Let me ask in other way. What is the format inside of the file? Can you provide an example?

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Hello @Tadashi_Iko

Imported files (.csv) formating isn’t determined by Kaspersky Password Manager.

The only criteria KPM stipulate, for importing data from “another” Password Manager are:

The Import (source) file extension is .csv and the “other” Password Manager is  a supported password manager, as follows:

  • LastPass (version 4.17.1)
  • KeePass (version 2.40)
  • Dashlane (version 6.5)
  • 1Password (version 7.2)
  • Norton Identity Safe, as part of the solution Norton Security (version
  • How any of the supported 3rd Party Password Managers structure their data inside a .csv file is something you’d need to discuss with the provider of the 3rd Party Password Manager. 
  • Kaspersky does advise: Kaspersky Password Manager cannot ensure the integrity and completeness of data imported from other password management applications.
  • Additionally, Import from browsers, is different again, not requiring formatting of source data, The Import from browser section lets you import logins and passwords from your browsers' built-in password managers.

May I ask, have you tried importing a .csv file from one of the supported Password Managers and encountered an issue? If “yes”, please provide details so we  can help?

Thank you

Reference: Windows/KPM Library


My actual password manager software is Keeper and I know that it’s not listed in the supported password manager, but if someone can tell me the format (data sequence) of the correct csv file I can rebuild from an exported xls file that I got from Keeper.


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Hello @Tadashi_Iko,

Thank you for posting back.

If you have KPM Premium License, please contact Kaspersky Technical Support, they may be able to assist. 

Best regards

That’s the point. I want to subscribe for KPM Premium License, but I need to be sure I will be able to import my password list. Ok. I will try to talk to the support directly anyway.


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Install KPM free & test the software.


I am also needing the .csv file format so I can modify my SecureSafe export to be compatible with MPM import. Can you please provide the requirements?


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Hello @ScottAU1,


  1. Is SecureSafe an installed application or a password manager accessed via a web browser?
  2. What is the current SecureSafe exported file format? 

Please let me know?

 Thank you:pray_tone3:

  • :warning: Please note: KPM only supports importing from the following password managers:

LastPass (version 4.17.1)
KeePass (version 2.40)
Dashlane (version 6.5)
1Password (version 7.2)
Norton Identity Safe as part of the solution Norton Security (version

Supported password managers


Hi Flood

SecureSafe is a cloud web-app on PC or IOS/Android app on smart devices.

The export file from SecureSafe is CSV with 5 columns (Example)

Title Username Password Url Comment
Google John.Doe@happy.com gettingfrustrated1 Google.com Dummy details


I tried testing my luck and uploading this into KPM but if failed.

I can modify my CSV to be compatible, if someone could please tell me the requirements.

IE: Column header titles

Thank you

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Hello  @ScottAU1,

As per  @SchulteKPM Import csv 


"Account","Login Name","Password","Web Site","Comments"

After the import you have to activate the entries manually.

Comments are not transferred.

Maybe you can use the template for further experiments of your own.


  • 6 columns, maybe try adding an extra column to the source .cvs file:thinking:
  • Alternatively, import the source data to a supported pwd manager, then import to KPM… 

Please let us know the outcome?

 Thank you:pray_tone3:

Thanks Flood however despite various iterations of this, I was unable to complete the import. I will just have to add all 86 manually. :weary:

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Hello @ScottAU1

You’re welcome!

  1. Have you tried importing a file with only one or two entries? 
  2. If KPM is licensed you could  log a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, (maybe), bc SecureSafe is not a supported pwd manager, they may not have an answer, but, it doesn’t hurt to ask...:thinking:

If you do find a successful resolution, please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Hi All,


Just wondering: if you can do an export from KPM, enter one or two entries in KPM, do an export and verify the outcome?


Kind regards,


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Hello @Millie,


  1. KPM application has the facility to export data to a text file:


is that what you’re wishing to do?

  • The number of entries exported is based on what’s in the vault.
  • It’s not possible to control / vary the exported data, meaning if there’s 400 entries in the vault, 400 entries will be exported, 2 entries in the vault, 2 entries exported. 
  • Regarding verification, exported data would be confimed manually.

Please let me know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Note: :warning: data exported to a text file is unprotected:warning:  

Well, sort of… Can one adapt the exported file (add entries) rename it to .csv and import it again? That would serve the purpose of the TS...

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Hello @Millie,

unfortunately, it's not quite that simple. Much more work would be needed.

Here is an example export file:


Website name: Site2
Website URL: www.site2.com
Login name:
Login: User2
Password: 222222


Website name: Site1
Website URL: www.site1.org
Login name:
Login: User1
Password: 111111


Website name: name
Website URL: url
Login name:
Login: username
Password: password
Comment: Kommentar zu csv4


Website name: Site3
Website URL: www.site3.com
Login name:
Login: User3
Password: 333333
Comment: Kommentar zu 3




I have more than 400 entries in KeeperSecurity I would like to migrate to KPM from.  Just bought Total Security for my family, for several years.  Now I realize we can’t get the format KPM needs to be able to import passwords from?!?!




Never mind.  Just tried with 

Account,Login Name,Password,Web Site,Comments

 as the headers in spreadsheet, then saving as csv and it imports fine :)


Kaspersky CSV import format

(i have tested it and successfully imported all passwords from KEEPER)

Rows Heading
login, password, name, website url, comments

NOTE: Click  “save as” and select [csv (MS-DOS)(*.csv)] file format using Microsoft Excel

I solved the import problem from MYKI through Keepass 2.48.1. Keepass allows you to import entries by assigning the columns correctly, then export them from Keepass in keepass csv 1x format. KPM imports them correctly with some errors but if like me you have hundreds of them it is bearable.