Security Password issue on Huawei Y9

  • 8 April 2021
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Hello. I entered an incorrect password twice due to multitasking when logging in, and subsequently "device security is at risk" is displayed. I've also reset the password twice. How is the security message removed? 

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3 replies

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Hello @Charlie 01


  1. Which application is showing "device security is at risk"  message, post a full screen screenprint please? 
  2. Have you now signed into KPM with the correct Master password? 
  3. Have you now signed into your MyKaspersky account? 
  4. Which KPM version is installed? 
  5. Is KPM Premium or Free? 

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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Additional resource:

Read before you create a new topic!  by @Danila T. 

Hello Flood 👋.

Thank you for responding.

1. I was logging into https://my.kaspersky.com online when entering the incorrect password.

2. Yes.

3. Yes.

4. Version 11.66.4. 5463

5. Free.

Kind regards,

Charlie 01

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Hello @Charlie 01

You’re most welcome:relaxed: !

Apologies for the delay in responding:disappointed_relieved:

  • 11.66.4. 5463 is a Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) version - image 1 below
  • Kaspersky Password Manager (KPM) version is - image 2 below
  1. Is the "device security is at risk" message still showing → if “yes”, it will help a lot if we can have a screen print please? 
  2. Is that the first time you’ve signed into (your) MyKaspersky account, for the Kaspersky Password Manager? 
  3. Which browser is being used for KIS & access to the internet? 

Some golden rules:

With KPM, either Free or Premium, it makes no difference, if the KPM Master password is lost or forgotten, Kaspersky have no way of helping you recover it. Kaspersky does not store the KPM Master password. Kaspersky has no software to restore the KPM Master password. 

If Huawei Y9 has fingerprint authentication, make sure you use it. 

Using KIS Free means no access to the KIS AppLock feature, find another reputable AppLock software & use it to protect your data. 

Backup the phone on a regular basis.

Test Kaspersky’s  AntiTheft features, for example Mugshot, Alarm, Lock & Locate, get familiar with how they work, so, if a disaster “really” happens & you “really” need to use the AntiTheft tools, you know how they work! 

When you use any of the  AntiTheft features & the phone locks, the code you  need is the PINCODE, not Kaspersky’s special code; you only need Kaspersky’s special code if your PINCODE does not work. 




Thank you:pray_tone3:

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