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  • 4 July 2021
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i change all my passwords in password manager and my phone does not recognise them so i have to reset password again for my phone andthen update the new password on password manager.

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4 replies

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@groodle Welcome. Did you proceed with “Synchronize” on your phone ?


why should i need to?  i typed the password that kaspersky generated on my phone and it wasnt recognised...yet it was on my computer.  this makes no sense to me.

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@groodle Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support :


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Hello, @groodle,

If you changed passwords on Windows device, but them were not synced  with mobile device, then the first thing to check it sync KPM for Windows with MyKaspersky KPM database.

If KPM for Windows is synced fine, then log in to MyKaspersky - KPM section.  

If MyKaspersky KPM database containts all newly changed entries: then the next thing to check is sync KPM for mobile device with MyKaspersky KPM database.

If sync on KPM for Mobile device does not happen: Simply you can try to just reinstall KPM for mobile and recheck the issue.


If the issue persists: please follow previous suggestion from Berny (contact Tech support).

Thank you!