Password Manager Change password does not work

  • 2 February 2021
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Recently purchased PW Manager.  I forgot my master password and have, several times, tried to follow procedure without success.

Each time I try I cannot complete either because I cannot retrieve vault.  My renew request states “incorrect password”.


After many years with KIS I regret that, unless I can resolve,  I may either change provider or accept purchase loss for PM.

5 replies

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@Sellick Welcome. 
Please see this Kaspersky article https://support.kaspersky.com/KPMWin/8.5/en-EN/85119.htm

@Berny Thank you for prompt reply.

Am in a Care Home so cannot get any personal assistance.

The first time I decided to try Manager in many years of using KIS has proven unsuccessful.  Far too convoluted.  I will remain with present one.

Your Community Forum has changed since I last used it.






Two requests please:

  1. How can I remove Password Manager,
  2. How can I remove KIS
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@Sellick Please proceed with the standard uninstall procedure :

Control Panel > Programs and Features > Select program > Uninstall > Reboot

Many thanks for promptness

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