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  • 11 December 2020
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I’ve been updating my passwords to get away from a few duplicates I use. So I’ve used the Password Generator (works nicely) to generate unique passwords over the past couple of days. However, when I select the Refresh button, some of the entries still come up as the OLD passwords I was using (when I click on “Show”), and therefore still appear as “Compromised Password”, even though the NEW passwords I generated auto-fill correctly when I log into those sites.

Any suggestions, please?

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6 replies

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@Wayne1950 Please select any other region, a Support Team collaborator will be glad assist you.

Thx again. When I go to the My Kaspersky | Support page, a pop-up box says “Please select your region”…. but there is no entry for Canada….

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Actually the latest KSCloud version is
Concerning your issue with KPM 9.0.2 please contact Kaspersky Lab Technical Support

Sorry… it looks like it is version 9.0.2.


Hi Berny, thanks for your reply. 

I have Kaspersky Security Cloud 21.1… is that the right answer?

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@Wayne1950 Welcome. I can’t reproduce your issue, can you please specify  your KPM version.