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  • 2 February 2021
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There are many companies that use one account across multiple sites/apps For example EA.com and origin store web pages use the same EA account & login but are different sites.  Or a train ticket provider who has a mobile app and a website which both use the same login information.


Unfortunately currently on KPM these show as non unique as the manager sees them as different accounts even though they're the same account across multiple sites/services.  This then leaves a permanent notification mark on the list which really annoys me (I'm the type of person who hates unread notifications/emails, etc.)


So my question is this; is there a way to tell KPM that these 2 entries are the same account but for different sites? If so how? if not can this please be added?

Even an ignore this conflict button would be fine for now.



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Hello @Ianh16


Does the duplicated password in our image, represent the issue accurately?



  1. Please let us know, if “no”, please show an image? 
  2. Also, please read KPM, needs an option to acknowledge & continue to use a 'low strength' & or 'not unique' pwd; if that topic accurately reflects your concerns, @Anton Mefodys has advised via  #3288279, this is under review. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

Hi @Flood and Flood's wife ,


Thanks for your reply, yes this is exactly what i was talking about.  Thank you for pointing me towards the other post about this issue, do you happen to know if any Kaspersky staff have said if this is something they plan to work on or implement?


I may not seem like something important but it does give me minor panics every time i open KPM and see there are 3 or 4 passwords that have issues. :joy:  Also i hate notifications that cant be acknowledged/deleted


Thanks again


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Hello @Ianh16

You’re most welcome:relaxed:!

The issue is important, it’s exactly as you describe, there may be a business case for using one account across multiple sites/apps, the option to IGNORE or ACKNOWLEDGE, so the Kaspersky client can set up the application, to suit their needs, is essential. 

We don’t know the status of  #3288279, perhaps @Anton Mefodys would please be kind enough to post an update, via your topic? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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