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  • 2 August 2019
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lately my Microsoft Edge is working really slow in certain websites mostly in Hotmail.com which gets hard to even select multiple e-mails, since I recently got Kaspersky Password manager and the extension for it I assume iis because of that.
Is there any options and tips on how I can improve my IE working speed?


4 replies

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Hello @BAndré ,
Can you tell us please:
  1. Windows operating system version? & build?
  2. KPM version?
  3. Edge (full) name and version?
  4. Are you using any other Kaspersky software? If yes, please let us now know name? version? build?
  5. Could you show us a screen image of KPM extension in Edge?
  6. Has anything else changed (apart from introducing KPM into the mix)?, network? hardware? software?
  7. Are you using any anti-virus software?
  8. Do you have applications like Steam installed? being used?
(late 2018) Microsoft changed original (web based) Outlook.com, rebadged their beta version as the new (production) Outlook.com, since then they have worked continously on issues related to performace and response times. They frequently publish updates re the status of their remedial work.
I actually force my Outlook.com to use original version as, imo, Outlook.com-new-wizzbang production version is unsatisfactory.
(imo) there is nothing that will make KPM impact any other application performance.
KPM is not continously seeking handshakes with servers, if a object in KPM is new or updated for example, at sign on to Outlook.com, KPM will synchronise, however at other times, it is not actively consuming resources.
Test scope:
There are many factors that can contribute to performance and response times. To measure and & confirm application interference and performance issues, tests must be done over a period of days and hours cycles, meaning, replicate the issue 4 times a day, for 5 days = midnight, 6:00, midday, 18:00, x 5days
Use TaskManager @ all times - filter the results for (processes & performance), take screen prints of each measurement (easier than writing lots of notes, as long as you name the images as you go, otherwise, end result is a heap of images and a headache😉), also, for tests to be reliable - all factors must be the same across the testing periods, essentially, that means, whatever activity is taking place on the first test cycle must be replicated across every test cycle. You can also use perfmon to capture and log all possible response issues.
Tests (to confirm or eliminate KPM)
  • ### original Windows & original Outlook.com account
(Test - Set A)
  1. Start Windows in SafeMode with Networking
  2. Start Taskmanager
  3. Make sure KPM is active
  4. Start Edge - check TM x 4 x 5 = result ?
  5. Access Outlook.com - check TM x 4 x 5 = result ?
  6. Do activity in Outlook where you've noticed reponse/performance issues - check TM x 4 x 5 = result ?
  7. Exit Outlook
  8. Disable KPM extension
  9. Exit Edge browser
  10. Start Edge - check TM x 4 x 5 = result ?
  11. Access Outlook.com - check TM x 4 x 5 = result ?
  12. Do activity in Outlook where you've noticed reponse/performance issues - check TM x 4 x 5 = result ?
(Test - Set B) repeat tests with Windows in normal mode
  • *** Sign into Windows with another User account and another Outlook account - repeat tests
(Test - Set C) repeat tests with Windows in Safemode with Networking
(Test - Set D) repeat tests with Windows in normal mode.
  • Other tests you could run is use IE, GoogleChrome & Firefox browsers - repeat Sets A to D.
Please let us know 1 to 8 & the results of any testing please?
Thanks so much.
Hello @FLOOD ,
thanks for the quick reply.

1-Edition: Windows 10 Home N x64 /Build18362 /Version: 1903 /Compilation:18362.267
2-Version: (b) / 1563191215_6231
3-Microsoft Edge 44.18362.267.0 /Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362
4-Kaspersky Internet Security /version:
-Kaspersky Secure connection /version:
5-Bellow is a printscreen of my two only extensions

Nothing has changed I just recently started to use KPM and notice this slowness
Has listed above I use Kaspersky Internet Security
I have applications installed (Steam, GoG galaxy and Origin) but not running and the PC overall performance is not affected by Kaspersky to be noticeable.
Well it is true that I dont have the same issue with my Gmail account still you can tell its slower just not as much as Outlook and I understand that but it was after using the extension that I got this issue.
Well I will do some more tests for now I can show you another printscreen that I capture and attached (sorry it is in Portuguese but it says that the extension is making the browser slower and it advices to deactivate) this was made using Internet Explorer.

Well the main test I have been doing is try out the same activities with and without the KPM extension but actually having to shut it down using Windows task manager so I can see the diference in performance using Edge.
I will see if can do those mention tests I will post again.

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Hello @BAndré,
Thanks for replying, and all the info & screen images are great. With images in other languages, I will need you to copy the info into text & add that as well as the images please🙏. I can't read every other language, I'm sorry 😢 , I wish I could.
From the information you've supplied I have some more questions

(a) Is Edge - the stable release?
(b) Edge - KPM extension version?
(c) IE - KPM extension version?
(d) Does the issue happen in both EDGE & IE (using Outlook.com) ?
(e) Is KSC/VPN active when EDGE - KPM is being used?
(f) Is KSC/VPN active when IE - KPM is being used?
(g) Can you explain this:
"actually having to shut it down using Windows task manager so I can see the diference in performance using Edge" please?
(h) What is "it"?
(i) If it's KPM, why is it necessary to shut down KPM?
(j) If it's KPM, do you mean exit KPM or close?

Please let me know?

Thanks so much.
Hello @FLOOD ,
The Image is in Portuguese but the translation is how it goes "The extensions raise the amount of time to start browsing, its takes an average of 0,42 seconds to do so. you can manage to deactivate the extensions from the box bellow".

(a) What do you mean by stable release? this is the version of my Microsoft Edge 44.18362.267.0 /Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362
(b) Version: 4.1.15
(c) Version: (as per the image bellow)

(d) Its does happen on both but it seems using IE it is even slower than Edge.
(e) Yes.
(f) Yes, does it interfere with the KPM extension?
(g) I meant that when I deactivate the extension thro the browser it still feels slow so I have to end the task Kaspersky Password Manager(2) by the task manager.
(h) The browser extension
(i) Did not understand this
(j) I meant to deactivate( not block) the extension on the browser.