KPM on Iphone 7 ( latest IOS)

  • 14 January 2022
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I run KPM on my computer, Win 10. latest version, and it works just fine. I´ve installed it on my Iphone but it doesn´t works as expected. Issue 1: I can´t sort the passwords “from a-z” properly (it seems to be in two parts (a to z *2). Issue 2: There is no possibility to activate the “autofillin” function as it never appears when I try the “settings” button.

I would be grateful if someone can find a solution or if anyone has experienced the same problem and got it solved.

1 reply

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@nils andersson Welcome.

  1. Can you please provide an example
  2. Please contact Kaspersky Technical Support :
    → Contact us → Product help → E-mail → Contact Support