KPM logging me back into Facebook after logging out

  • 21 September 2020
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I have Kaspersky password manager premium v9.0.2.6076 on my main laptop (with

(KIS (b).

For about a month now, each time I log out of facebook, KPM re auto fills my username & password & logs me back in again. When I log out again, I stay logged out (although KPM again auto fills facebook, but at least I stay logged out).


This also happens on my other laptop which also has KPM installed (which is synced to my main laptop).  On both laptops, I’m using Firefox v88.0.1 & Edge v85.0.564.51 (chromium) This happens on both browsers on both laptops.


This only happens on facebook, all other emails, forum sites etc, logging out works fine.  I have tried uninstall/reinstall, but no luck.


Has anyone else have this issue?  Its not a big deal, but more of a annoyance.



Win 10 64bit


build 19041.508 (on both laptops)

2 replies

Hi FLOOD, thanks for your reply.  I will contact Tech Support, thanks!

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Hello @HuskyMan,

Welcome again!

We can replicate the issue.

  1. Since Facebook’s most recent changes, have any changes been made to Security & login? 
  • Please raise a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, they will ask for a GSI & Windows Logs & may request Traces, if so, they will guide you with the collection of these.
  • Please share the outcome with the Community, when it’s available?

Thank you:pray_tone3: