KPM for Linux?

  • 8 December 2019
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I have seen a couple old / closed posts on this topic, but I am pleading anew:


Kaspersky, I’m begging will you PLEASE create a Linux compatible version of Kaspersky Password Manager? This is by far your best and most useful software, and many customers (current and otherwise) would love to be able to use it on Linux. I got fed up with Windows and using KPM is one of the only things I miss. There must be other people in the same boat.


I think it would be most useful if optimized for Ubuntu and/or Red Hat, but I’ll take anything.


Please reply if you would like to use KPM on Linux as well!


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26 replies

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Hello  @cMeyers,


I (think) there’s a Linux/KPM in the Kaspersky Beta channel.

@harlan4096:bow_tone3:  might know, he’s across Kaspersky 2020 upcoming Beta Testing and new Testing Portal

Thank you.

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@FLOOD  Thanks I’ll check that out!

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Hi, I don’t think there is a Linux version of KPM for Home users system, if You go to Kaspersky Support site:




There is only Linux versions of security products in Business section for WorkStations, File Sever and Mail Server:




So there is no KPM for Linux, You can contact to Kaspersky Support via the service https://center.kaspersky.com and suggest it to them :)


You can use some KeePass forks in Linux, You may export in CSV format Your password in KPM and import them in Linux...


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Hello, @cMeyers 
There is such a wish on the beta testing portal, you can join.
I doubt that this proposal will be implemented,  since Linux is not a very popular system.
On Linux, you can use the web version of Kaspersky Password Manager: https://my.kaspersky.com/MyPasswords

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Yes please! We’d love a linux compatible version of LPM . I have the full antivirus antitheft suite on both my phone and two laptops however I’ll be migrating both laptops to Linux distros Kali & Ubuntu and would love to still have LPM as a great deal of my passwords are crazy difficult to remember and type in on account of the generator!

+1 to this request.


+1 to this request.

+1 to this request.

+1 to this request.

Using Kaspersky security cloud family on many PC and phones I love KPM and is such a pity to not be able to use it also on Linux.
Thank you in advance!

+1 to this request.

+1 to this request.


Kaspersky team, pls tell us if that can happen...

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Hello all!

Thank you for the inquiries(all of them are added within 4918233 suggestion)!


Any updates on this?

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Any info about Linux application?
This is the only thing keeping me from buying the product.

+1 to this request.

Any hope to have it for Linux?

I am considering moving to another antivirus for this very reason once my subscription expires in January next year unless this is done by then. Such a pity really.

+1 to this request. I’m still wainting after years and loosing my hopes.

+1 to this request.


I'm migrating to Linux and when I finish my subscription I'm considering migrating to BitWarden

+1 to this request.

I migrated to Linux and can’t use my licenses because Kaspersky doesn’t support Linux.

+1 to request

+1 to this request. PLEASE!


+1 to this request. I need badly KPM for linux :)

+1 to this request. Do it please.