KPM addon not working

  • 12 January 2021
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I am logged as you can see on the taskbar but extension is greyed out (See screenshot)

Also when i try log in via extension in browser it gives me Incorrect master password but is correct (see screenshot).

All worked good but i dont know what has happened (maybe update browsers)?

KPM (n)
FF 84.0.2 (probably problems with version 84)
Edge 87.0.664.75


On the taskbar logged on browser not.

Try log in via browser extension not success.

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4 replies

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Reinstall KPM after removing the installed copy. Download the installer from https://www.kaspersky.com/password-manager and install KPM

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Looks like bug 4633457. 

The workaround provided by kmscom should help. 
The bug will be fixed in patch "o", which is expected in March 2021. 

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Thanks guys...

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Hi @nexon , did the workaround provided by kmscom help? If yes, please check “best answer” on kmscom response to mark this topic as resolved. Thanks much in advance!