Kaspersky Password Manager. I can not enjoy the 92 days of testing.

  • 4 July 2019
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Good afternoon, two days ago I downloaded KTS Beta and it works perfectly. But when downloading Kaspersky Password Manager, it tells me that the beta version has expired. I do not understand why it tells me it's expired and I can not enjoy the 92 days off if I just registered for a new account. On the other hand KTS Beta if you leave me the 92 days free trial. I contacted Kaspersky technical support and its response has been that, since it is a beta version, it is out of Kaspersky's technical support coverage. Can anybody help me? Thank you. (I'm sorry for my English)


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You're very welcome Quesito and thank you for letting us know your query has been answered.
We appreciate the feedback.
Best regards!
Thank you very much FLOOD for your quick and clear answer. With your explanation now if I understand the problem that I had.
Once again.
Thank you.
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Hello Quesito,
Your English is great! Do not worry!
KPM, is a module within the primary KTS product, however, it can also be installed as a standalone product.
As such, the product trial date period that applies to KTS is not available for KPM.... Unfortunately.
& even worse for folks who are testing or trialling Kaspersky software that is outside of the licenced products there is no Technical Support.
In this case, TS would not have a solution, simply due to the fact KPM is essentially a single product (with it's own trial period) even tho it is also incorporated into Kaspersky's major product range.
Best regards!