Kaspersky Password manager does not detect the User and password fields

  • 23 March 2021
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Hi Folks,

i have a problem with Kaspersky Password Manager and some logins Web pages.

I get that it does not detect the User and password fields so i cannot create for those pages.

Is there any trick to create it?.
I have tried to create it manually but when i go to logon i do not see the keys symbol in the User and Password fields.

Please how to do?



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3 replies

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Hello @ik8ozv

Welcome back!

  1. Please read & follow tutorial by @Danila T. Read before you create a new topic!
  2. Does the issue happen in every supported browser: Edge Chromium, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Brave, Comodo Dragon, Yandex.Browser? 
  3. Provide some example URLs / sites where KPM “not detect the User and password fields”, so we can test? 

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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@ik8ozv Please don’t create a duplicate Topic. Thank you.

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@ik8ozv hello!

Could you please specify what are URLs of these websites where you encounter the issue?