Iphone Passwords import

How can move all my passwords and credentials from my iphone into the Kaspersky Password Manager?


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Hello @Kbmutairi


Which device name, operating system and build,  will have Kaspersky Password Manager installed to receive the iPhone data? 

Please let us know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Hi Flood,

I installed the password manager on my Iphone 7.

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@Kbmutairi Welcome. KPM on IPhone has a synchronize option which allows you to sync with another device. An export/import option is not available.

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Hi Flood, I installed the password manager on my Iphone 7.

Hello @Kbmutairi

Thank you for replying, we really appreciate the information:ok_hand_tone3:

  • Unfortunately, Kaspersky have advised, to use the import/export feature, it’s necessary to have KPM software installed on a Windows device, the data is synced to (your) MyKaspersky account and accessed from your iPhone. 

Reference: Password Manager for iOS - Sync data across devices

iPhone - Kaspersky Passwords & Docs

Thank you:pray_tone3:


Thank you guys for the replies.

Apparently the option I’m looking for does not exist yet with Kaspersky. Basically, I wanted KPM (on my Iphone) to take all the passwords stored on my iphone (under Passwords & Accounts) and save them so I can use KPM only to save my passwords. Currently KPM is showing me only 11 random passwords.

I’m glad that I didn’t purchase the license. I will delete KPM for now.

Thanks again guys.