If Mobile phones stolen how do two users access their Password Manager from say an Internet Cafe

  • 24 June 2019
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I have KIS on both mine and my wifes PC Windows 10 and Android Mobiles
It is a 5 licence version.

We both have KPW with different master signons and data.
If our phones were both lost or stolen I could walk into an internet cafe and goto my.kaspersky and access my KPW manager but as far as I can see she wouldn't be able to as there doesn't seem to be the access for her to do that with KIS. It only allows for one KPW.

Could anyone confirm I am correct in assuming this or is there a separate login page to KPW manager available that I am missing?
If not is there any other way to access her KPW file?

Many thanks in advance

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Hello Timesteps,

Even if you have a multi-device licence for a primary Kaspersky application, e.g. KAV, KIS, KTS, the KPM module shipped with the primary application is bonded to the single licence, not shareable. In other words, 1 primary K application licence shared across multiple devices not not offer separate, configurable KPM vaults.

For each family member to have a private password vault it's necessary to install a separate password manager for each person...
That means, either installing a free version of KPM (for each person) or installing a paid version of KPM (for each person)...
Free version has restrictions/limitations:
"The Free version of Kaspersky Password Manager does everything the Premium version does, but it only allows you to store a maximum total of 15 entries. That’s a maximum total of 15 passwords and confidential documents – like your passport, driver’s license and bank cards – combined. Which means it only offers you limited password storage, and limited storage for your personal data too."


In the scenario presented: "if our phones were both lost or stolen", if the primary MyKaspersky account https://my.kaspersky.com/ password (NOT the KPM MASTER password) is known, irrespective of where the person is and what device they are using, as long as they can log onto/into the MyKaspersky account they will then be able to go to:

https://my.kaspersky.com/MyPasswords#/masterpassword - enter the KPM MASTER password & access the vault.

For disaster-emergencies, I keep a copy of my vault on an encrypted usb.

Also, just so I'm clear please: does KPW = KPM (Kaspersky Password Manager)?

If this does not address your question/scenario, please post back?

Hi Flood thanks for the speedy reply. Yep KPW = KPM.
Thank You