I cannot add any more passwords to Kaspersky Password Manager and I have an active premium license [Solved][Closed]

I bought Kaspersky Total Security for Windows 3 months ago. My problem is with the Kaspersky Password Manager, I was organizing my passwords today, and, suddenly, I wasn't able to add more passwords. I searched for solutions here and in the 'help' section. But I can't find anything. I read that, as long as I have an active premium license, I'm going to be able to add unlimited passwords to Kaspersky Password Manager. I don't know what to do to solve this issue.
PS: I already checked and my license is active and everything, except Kaspersky Password Manager, is working correctly.

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@FRBF98 How to upgrade to the premium version of Kaspersky Password Manager for Windows
@kmscom I already did that and it didn't work.
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Hello FRBF98,

A few questions & possible steps to resolve or help troubleshooting:

Are you using Windows? If so, which Windows product, Operating System & Version?

& KPM version please?

Is the KPM product a stand-alone KPM, or do you also have other Kaspersky products, e.g. KAV/KIS/KTS?
Is the KPM "data sync" function ticked & working as it should?

Have you tried disconnecting from MyKaspersky portal, reboot, add a password to the local vault, reconnecting to MyKaspersky, sync? Test if more than 15 passwords can be added?

Try uninstalling KPM and reinstall. If you've not tried and choose to do so, firstly:
  • Export a copy of current KPM data
  • Create a KPM backup
  1. Uninstall KPM
  2. Reboot
  3. Reinstall KPM
  4. Test if more than 15 passwords can be added?
If no, turn on logging, replicate the issue and request help from Kaspersky Lab, or someone in the Kaspersky Community may ask for logs & continue to help troubleshoot, resolve...

The following ref docs may provide info if needed:


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@FRBF98 show a screenshot of the window License info https://help.kaspersky.com/KPM/Win9.2/en-US/90611.htm