Do I have to Log In to Use KPM

  • 12 January 2021
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Do I have to log in to KPM to use my passwords each time I need to log into a secure website?

4 replies

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Hello @JRW


We’re a little unsure of what information you need, please clarify the question:thinking:

  • Never
  • When the screensaver starts
  • After a period of inactivity

Autolock turns on automatically after 24 hours of inactivity.


Please post back?

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If I want to log into my bank and am using KPM do I have to open KPM to gain access to my banking passwords?

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Hello @JRW,

Thank you for replying:ok_hand_tone3:

Yes, however, “open KPM” depends how you’ve configured KPM:thinking:  

If the KPM vault is locked it has to be unlocked, however, it’s not necessary to open the local KPM application vault, secure login can be managed from the KPM browser extension → image 4; again: depending on how you’ve configured KPM:thinking:

If (on your bank website) the keys are grey, including the KPM extension key on the browser bar, the vault is locked & has to be unlocked → image 1 &  2

If the keys are green, the vault is unlocked → image 3






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Kaspersky Password Manager for Microsoft Windows Help library

OK thanks!

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