[000011144421] Kaspersky Password Manager user interface does not work [Solved]

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Hello  @Wesly.Zhang,

Me or @aequitas?

I can’t, 1. I never had a prb with KPM, I was simply helping  @aequitas, & 2. I’m a long way from :flag_cn:
Have you checked? Is it working for you? 


Two days ago I downloaded the offline installation package of the password manager on the US official website. After installation, everything works fine. Listening to Wesly. Zhang said that this problem has also been fixed in China. Thanks everyone for your attention, hope Kaspersky is getting better and better

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After checking, update the source include KPM f and g patches now. After reinstalling the KPM, the problem no longer occurs when closing and reopening the KPM.

This issue has gone. Let it go ~