Kaspersky blocks Apple TV, Music, Podcast ans App Store Mac OS Catalina

  • 16 October 2019
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Kaspersky is blocking several applications of Mac OS Catalina (Apple TV, Music, Podcast and App Store). I probe disabling HTTPS verification and works.Any solution for this error?

2 replies

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Hello @jquintanam,


Your Post is in Products for BusinessKaspersky OS &, is duplicated in Non-English B2C Support (B2C Forum para usuarios hispanohablantes). 

B2B = Kaspersky Business / Commercial software

B2C = Kaspersky Home / Personal software.

  • Is your Kaspersky software bring used in a commercial or personal environment?

Please let us know?

(If necessary, I’ll ask the Moderators to move this topic to:Products for HomeKaspersky Internet Security and or close the duplicated topic).

Also, in case your issue is the same, please read:


If your issue is the same, please contact Kaspersky Technical Support
Please let us know what the Lab advises?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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advised, in (B2C Spanish Forum): “I have requested support for support under INC000010883956, I hope to receive a response soon, for now I have had to disable HTTPS verification for the Apps to work”.

Moderators: atm, we are managing dupliacte posts - MAC OS/KIS. 

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