Windows Security says Kaspersky is Snoozed. [Closed]

  • 3 April 2019
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This just happened for the second time. What is going on? What do I need to do or not do to fix this? In easily understandable terms please as I'm not too computer knowledgeable. Thanks.

Apologies for the typo in the heading...Kaspersky.

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Welcome. I do not see a screenshot or any description of the issue. Please describe further.
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Hi, welcome to the New Kaspersky Community.
I seen it happen in Windows 10 updates.
Quick fix is two "uninstall" Kaspersky, reboot computer, reinstall Kaspersky.
Thank you both Richbuff & KarDip for the kind welcome. Saw the problem described perfectly here but no fixes mentioned: https://forum.kaspersky.com/index.php?/topic/311204-how-to-resolve-windows-firewall-and-kis-are-both-turned-off/&_ga=2.11953332.1822167397.1553194232-2076175809.1553194232

Will try the uninstall/reinstall. If that doesn't work I will get a screenshot and try to give you particulars.

Appreciate the help.
Been over a week and the uninstall/reinstall seems to have worked as it hasn't happened again. Yay! Thank you. All good till the next Windows 10 update I guess...😉
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If it is Windows 10, please try to upgrade to e patch (you can see if your target value is the first batch of users)
If it is below Windows 10, please reinstall Kaspersky or reset the computer.
If the above solution is still not resolved, please contact Kaspersky Technical Support!
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Hi @xiongliangchen_CN
As well as above posts.
I am of the opinion it is best to save your "kaspersky settings" via "export" then "uninstall kaspersky" reboot then do the new Windows 10 Update.
After update is completed "reinstall kaspersky"

Thank you.

how i can solve this problem 

my windows is 10 pro 



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Hello  @dragonfister,


  1. W10 version & build
  2. KTS version
  3. Is it a new problem or has always existed? 
  4. Have a clean install of KTS been done? 

:warning: Check software compatibility ? 

:warning: Check Windows Defender, Real-time protection should not be enabled. 

  • Please let me know?

Thank you