Windows 7 is dead. Now what should I do? [merged]

  • 15 January 2020
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Hi, @FLOOD  I have a new problem that doesn't concern Kaspersky I don't know if you can help me, but I would be grateful to you. Yesterday 14 January 2020 the operating system of the PC Windows 7 ultimate Service Pack 1 expired, since I didn't want to buy a new PC for the moment and not even buy Windows 10 which until recently gave free and which is now paid, you I ask, since for version 7 no more updates are released, they tell me, you think (as microsoft tells me) that the PC will be more subjected to cyber attacks, or having kaspersky internet security and as a browser Mozilla Firefox always up to date, am I protected anyway or am I more at risk without windows updates or not? Thank you very much for the answer, hello from @releone

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14 replies

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I split your post to a new topic. 


Windows 7 is dead. Now, you should upgrade to Windows 10.


Installing antivirus on a dead operating system is like going to sleep with a gun under your pillow and leaving the doors open and the Windows open. 

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 Hello @releone,

Welcome back:wave_tone3:, vedo che stai ancora parlando inglese:grinning:

Much as I hate to be forced into changing the opsys, moving forward, what else can we do? 

Kaspersky only provides support for systems that meet hardware & software requirements, atm, according to their documentation, 7 is still supported, however, I suspect, if a problem happens, we’ll soon be hearing “root cause is EOL opsys” or “to fix the problem(s), upgrade opsys”...:thinking:

I’d rather not go thru that if it can be avoided!

Unfortunately, the life cycle of many things seems to get shorter and shorter, including mine:wink:

Staying with an unsupported opsys has so many risks, it’s better to grit our teeth, make the change now, soon the pain will be forgotten:upside_down:

All the best!


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...I didn't want to buy a new PC for the moment and not even buy Windows 10 which until recently gave free and which is now paid...

Hello @releone,

you can still activate WIN10 with your legal WIN7 key.
I have done this in the last weeks with about 150 PCs. I don't think that this only works in Germany.

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Hi @FLOOD I understand, although I would have preferred to hear you say otherwise, but I understand. It is certain that consumerism requires you to change an object even if it is fully functional. Updating the pc to windows10 according to Microsoft would not be enough nor recommended ... they recommend replacing the pc ... easy eh ??? (For Microsoft not for users) !!! Downloading windows 10 from windows 7 in Italy was allowed (and with this I also reply to @Schulte  that I thank) until 2 years ago, at the time it was an optional because there was no mention of ceasing updates to windows 7 and I left everything how it was. Today it is no longer possible to do it, the W10 key no longer exists. I will consider better on the Microsoft website what can be done because replacing a PC that frankly still has features higher than those required to install Windows 10 does not seem to me the case, therefore as long as' KIS will allow me to use the Seven I stay like this!
I thank you @FLOOD, @Schulte, @richbuff please accept my best regards.


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Hello  LI:lion_face: N K:prince_tone3: NG :wave_tone3:

You’re very welcome, from all of us!

I agree with everything you’ve said, “in the old days:joy: , whitegoods lasted 20 years, now, if we get 5 years out of the refrigerator we think we’re doing well:angry:

I’m also keeping my W7, will use it to help Community members who choose not to upgrade.

All Kaspersky software will keep doing the protective work, we just need to remember, when things go pearshaped, we won’t have access to Tech Support, but that’s ok, I’ve ask for help here in the Community:grin:, I welcome you to do the same:slight_smile:

Best regards,


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Hi @FLOOD thank you very very mach

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I think, until next year, you can not worry about the fact that Microsoft has ceased to support Windows 7. Many programs will support Windows 7 in the coming year.
According to the system requirements of 2021 version, it will support Windows 7.
If you want, you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free using the Windows 10 Upgrade Assistant

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@FriendThanks 1000 now I'll see if I can download it for free well otherwise we will see what to do thanks again greetings!


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Hi @releone an all above posts.

Any machine that has “Windows 7 ultimate Service Pack 1” will have no issues updating to Windows 10.

The un-compatable machines are the older version Windows 7 without “service pack 1’

I recommend anyone still using Windows 7 service pack 1  should upgrade to Windows 10 to use better software you will be surprised at how good Windows 10 is to use..


Thank you.



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@KarDip Thank you so much for your help, I will definitely follow the advice, thank you again, best regards


I’ve read that online banking is no longer safe if still running WIN7.  Are WIN7 users still adequately protected by using KIS ‘Safe Money' for online banking’?

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Hello @Corsair,


Can you share with us the “online banking is no longer safe if still running WIN7”, source, so we can also read the information please? 

Kaspersky’s v2021 documentation shows W7 is supported. 

Thank you

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Also , please see this Topic

Hi Flood. Thanks for your response. The claim that internet banking is now unsafe on Win7 was in the press recently, but unfortunately I can’t find the article. However, I’ve just been through the topic that Berny referred to, and I think the information you’ve given in that thread does answer my question. Seems like it's safe for the time being, but shouldn’t leave it too long before upgrading to Win10, which seems good and proper advice.