Windows 10 , VPN connection acts strange [Closed]

  • 27 January 2020
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I had setup a VPN connection on Windows 10 which I was using fine. Since I installed Kaspersky Internet Security I could not connect to the VPN any more. 

I noticed this strange thing however. I tried to setup again the VPN connection with a different name. After I  completed the setup I pressed the “Connect” button on the windows VPN setup dialog. And it worked. From there I can connect normaly! 

WHen I press on the Network Icon on the taskbar and select from there to connect to the VPN the connection can not be establised? Any idea?

This works: 


This doesn’t work: 



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Hello @spalamas,


Please tell us:

:one: W10 version & build?

:two: KIS version & patch(x)? 

Open KIS application, select :headphones: lower left hand corner of KIS application, Support window opens, :one: & :two:  infomation can be found. 

:three: In Windows Event viewer, are there any Ionio4 errors?

:four: Is there any Ionio4 errors in Windows Network Troubleshooter history?

:five: What network service is used: wifi, cable, adsl, broadband…. something else?

:six: Please run & submit a GSI & Windows Logs

:seven: Source Ionio4 URL?

Please let me know?

Thank you:pray_tone3:



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Hello @spalamas,

Additional to my previous reply:

  1. Delete/unpin the VPN from the Taskbar. 
  2. Run the VPN from the Windows Start menu Programs, if the VPN runs, re-add the VPN to the Taskbar.. Recheck?
  3. As well as the GSI & Windows Logs, export the KIS Report, select ALL events, 7days, save the report as a text file (*.txt), attach to your reply using the :paperclip: paperclip:paperclip: icon?

Thank you:pray_tone3:




Thanks for your help. I followed your instructions and checked the Windows Event Log. It seems that when I connect to the VPN from the systray the DNS of my VPN provider canot be resolved! I pinged the provider and found its IP address, provided the IP address instead of the domain name on the configuration and now it works!

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Hello @spalamas,

You’re very welcome!

I’m delighted to read the issue is resolved:cartwheel_tone4:

Thank you for letting me know:pray_tone3: