Windows 10 iCloud Drive stops synching when KIS active

  • 12 July 2019
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I recently installed the new native Windows 10 iCloud drive application. However files created on PC do not sync... UNTIL I have paused KIS protection at which point thinks kick-in and everything gets uploaded.

So I drop into KIS settings to see that iCloudDrive.exe is already TRUSTED aka there is nothing I seem to be able to fix.

How do I sort this without disabling KIS in order to get iCloudDrive to work. Anyone know?

2 replies

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Hello Realcodfish,
Please tell us:
  1. Windows operating system, version, build?
  2. KIS version?, patch(x) x = letter?, Free or Licensed?
  3. If you look in KIS REPORTS are there any events for 10 iCloud (when the sync issue is occuring?
  4. If "yes" can you export the report & upload using the upload icon below?
  5. Have you configured KIS to ignore 10 iCloud app?
Please let us know?
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Also, plus FLOOD above,

@realcodfish add iCloudDrive.exe to the list of trusted applications, according to the instructions from the article https://support.kaspersky.com/14866#block3 and enable the exception Do not scan all traffic