WiFi disconnects

  • 1 December 2019
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After I installed Kaspersky Internet Security on my Win10 my WIFI connection frequently disconnects. Actually I hear sound like when I unplug my WIFI dongle from usb slot, and then after few seconds I hear that sound again. How can I fix that? It’s really annoying.

11 replies

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Your network in Windows should be Private and configured as Trusted in Kaspersky FireWall...

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From your Windows Event Log :

ERROR : WLAN Extensibility Module has failed to start. Module Path: C:\Windows\system32\athExt.dll Error Code: 126

It looks like your WiFi issue is related to your Operating System or a hardware problem.
Before contacting K-Lab Technical Support please  visit the Microsoft Community


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Please contact K-Lab Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com 

Also :

> please check in the Services if WD Firewal is disabled



Hmm, what I’ve noticed is that when my wifi disconnects in that moment explorer window for my external HDD opens up! :astonished::thinking:  I’ve unplugged it, and I’ll see now what happens.

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Welcome. Can you please provide a GSI report https://support.kaspersky.com/common/diagnostics/3632

How long does it take to make a report? It’s running for 20min now. Is this normal?

Here it is

but that issue started when I installed Kaspersky Internet security. When I used built in win defender everything was ok.

thank you! I see that my network is public, is this ok?

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