Where is command to shut down after scan? It is gone [Merged]

  • 1 September 2020
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Where is the command to shut down or suspend computer after scan in KIS v. (a)?

It was useful in earlier KIS versions. I can not find it in KIS v. (a).


Thank you for answer.   Scott


Best answer by Igor Kurzin 1 September 2020, 06:30

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28 replies

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@Stephen Welcome.

Please see above quote from @Igor Kurzin :

“ This option will return in one of the coming versions of 2021”

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Hello @scott14,  @MariusKaspersky,  @christwo37,  @sunny,  @nycb213 ,  @killerstarkiller,  @foxy01,  @Michael54,  @Stephen

MR3, version, suite of options after Full scan finished, has been published: 



Thanks Kaspersky team:clap_tone3:


We would not have had to question if it was done at the beginning when it was up date date. At least now I can ruin my antivirus every day when I finished working on it will close my computer down. Thank you very much