Where can I find a user-friendly payment portal?

  • 22 September 2020
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I was surprised to find that as an English-speaking resident of the Netherlands I am directed to a clunky old-fashioned webpage in convoluted Dutch from the Irish bogs to make payments. Why is so much detailed information needed and why is Paypal not an option?  Digital River proudly announces that they are saving you money but they are driving me to look for other suppliers of protection.  Are there any other options?

3 replies

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@deehar Welcome. Did you visit the Kaspersky Global Site :


I have just been following the in-app links  or the links from My Kaspersky as recommended. The payment screens in the Kaspersky online shops in various countries look much better. I will try the global site. Thanks for the suggestion !

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@deehar You are welcome. FYI, licenses purchased from the Global Site are not sumitted to regional restrictions.