What to do to retrieve an active license onto a new computer?

  • 25 September 2021
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It has been delayed by my own to choice to continue on Windows 7 for but now plans have been made to move on.

Since the articles offered on KIS support article regarding removing, uninstalling Kaspersky Internet Security have been inefficient to my doubt. It has been since 2019 if I remember to manage Kaspersky Internet licenses and on which machines are currently running, they all are storaged on My Kaspersky account.


My question is :

Do I have to go to My Kaspersky account and unsign or edit some parameter there before I wipe my HD and install the new Operatin System?  Since my license is active on one machine only and the purchase is for one machine, how do I can keep using the rest of days have left on that license onto a new machine with a diferent Operating System?


I have opened a ticket onto regional suspport but I have been waitting for two days and there were no response back so I’m willing to ask here about this.


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3 replies

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Hello @Psiu47

Welcome back!

Is the license stored in your MyKaspersky account? IF “yes”, in How to transfer a Kaspersky product license from one device to another, before step 2. Remove the Kaspersky product from the old computer, it should also say, in (your) MyKaspersky account, go to the Devices tab, select Disconnect device, confirm the DISCONNECT DEVICE action in the popup window → the License “days remaining” duration will then be available for use on your new computer. 

IF the License information is not stored in your MyKaspersky account, you have the option of adding the activation code but, do not sync the old computer/Kaspersky app with the MyKaspersky account, otherwise, it will associate the old device with the license you wish to transfer. 




Don’t worry that our image shows License has expired, the process is the same. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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So this article is located on licensing and purchase section. Wasn’t aware. Thanks for informing and very glad I can continue using the same KIS license. Thank you and much appreciated.

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Hello @Psiu47 

You’re more than welcome:relaxed: !

We’re delighted the issue is resolved:cartwheel_tone3:

Thank you for letting us know:pray_tone3: