"Website certificates are invalid..." Spurious certificate warnings

  • 19 November 2020
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I am getting this warning EVERY time I click on a link in an email - even from trusted contacts - and no connection can then be made.

However, if I go to the same website from my browser bookmarks then there is no problem reaching the site.

This started 2 or 3 days ago - no settings changed - so what’s going on ?  Thanks.

Version,  Outlook (Office 365),  Windows 10 Home

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5 replies

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@rufford155  Please check your detailed Kaspersky reports ?
Also , did you try with another Browser?

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Hi Berny,

In the reports there are 6 attributed to Edge and 1 to Thunderbird (I have switched to Outlook since though).

The websites are as follows : Airbnb; Classicshell; Surfright; Lakelandlimited; Gocompare;  Tenforums; Specsavers.

These are all genuine sites that are normally reachable 

Attached is the warning relating to Specsavers and the certificatre in question.

I switched to Chrome and there was no problem ! 

So is it an Edge setting?  Although the warning is from Kaspersky !

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@rufford155 When accepting the risk above url is landing here


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I’m sorry Berny but I don’t understand what you are telling me here.

BTW, I’ve realised the Kaspersky extension was not in Chrome yet since it was first time use of the app on a new laptop.

So, almost certainly a Kaspersky problem.

The only good news is that I had an email from Kaspersky about renewal and the links in that worked perfectly !

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Well it’s still happening  !!

I don’t understand why almost every website link from an email gets this certificate warning when going to exactly the same website by any other way is no problem.

It has to be a bug in KIS doesn’t it ?