Web AV url exclusion does not include heuristic analysis [Closed]

  • 26 April 2019
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Since yesterday, Kaspersky is blocking the request my webmail does to refresh the mailbox. It says there could be a data loss, even though it's under https and the certificate is ok. The interface is Roundcube.
The blocked url is like this:

And the response status is "499 Request has been forbidden by antivirus".

Under the advanced Web AV configuration, I've added "https://wmail4.sion.com/*", but the problem persists. If I uncheck the heuristic analysis, then the page works again.

Can I disable heuristic analysis just for this url? Or can I send something to Kaspersky for analysis so they no longer detect this as risky?

Using the Developer Toolbar, I see that the request's response is Kaspersky's page explaining this and with a link to inform a false positive. I clicked it several times but it doesn't fix it. Maybe because it whitelists the entire url, which of course changes every time?

Thanks in advance!

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Please contact Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com
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Well, I was about to do it but when explaining the steps I noticed that there's this other setting, "trusted URLs", and that one worked. The one that didn't is the one above, "Manage exclusions", which apparently only affects the URL Advisor.

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Your best option in this issue is the Technical Support.