virus in eml file detect only with manual scan and not real time scan, Why ?

  • 3 January 2020
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The file type eml is just an exported content of an email message, usually users don’t export messages and send the eml file, except for specific situations…  anyway as I already said: setting Kaspersky Selective Scan to High Security Level will scan and detect malicious threats inside, if You open it Kaspersky (in Defaults Settings) will detect it, if You try to send it via email again Kaspersky (in Defaults Settings) will detect it and again if You try to send it via a browser, Kaspersky (in Defaults Settings) will detect it… so Kaspersky can detect eml with different layers of protection…


Agree that Kaspersky does not scan an eml directly in real-time protection but it is not necessary, since it is not a direct executable type, that eml remains harmless unless You manually open it, and in the other cases if You try to open or send it We know Kaspersky will detect it in Defaults Settings… so as I said, it is enough safe behaviour for me, anyway contact to Kaspersky Support for an extra information :)

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I am not convinced

so its name must not all files

its name must specific file

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i send my question to support team

and this is their answer


“Thank you for your patience. We have just received a response from our experts. This behavior has been tested, and we registered it as a bug. As soon as we receive a response from our developers, we will notify you. Please wait.”