Very strange email, message was empty.

  • 26 July 2021
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Hi Guys,


I received today a very strange email. I opened it in Firefox 90.0.2 (64-bit) in windows 10. The message was empty but the source code was as follow :

Summary: Sent from my Huawei phone." href="/d/folders/1/messages/5289?.intl=uk&amp;.lang=en-GB&amp;guce_referrer=aHR0cHM6Ly9sb2dpbi55YWhvby5jb20v&amp;guce_referrer_sig=AQAAAEg5bB-FldpuYVnBHMlLcftZYKdPO8rWYGyQkqkIvHUrYb4vRdgilxLt4JIn2vzLvW8QMkcmTf-99uv-ybCEb31oPahIAJEvOH296bOc-yCdGSThu7dVH_2SjF2g4YJM8SQep-krwMxXpCa4PYfHPdp9586nSWgbTjdeLOd5A3ap" rel="noopener"><div class="D_F r_P ab_C p_R A_6EqO i_6FIA o_h X_eo6 message-list-item" style="height:31px"><div class="D_F o_h ab_C H_6D6F a_3vhr3 em_qk ej_0"><div class="en_0 i_0 E_689y Z_f8a k_w" role="gridcell"><button tabindex="-1" class="c27KHO0_n b_0 M_0 i_0 I_T y_Z2hYGcu A_6EqO r_P C_q cvhIH6_T ir3_1JO2M7 P_eo6 " type="button" data-test-id="icon-btn-checkbox" data-iskeynav="true" aria-label="Select message" title="Tickbox, not ticked"><span class="D_F ab_C gl_C W_6D6F"><svg viewBox="0 0 20 20" class="D_X W_6LEV H_6LEV cdPFi_ZvsWfq cZW7ROP_n en_0 cvhIH6_T"><path d="M14.5 17h-9C4.1 17 3 15.9 3 14.5v-9C3 4.1 4.1 3 5.5 3h9C15.9 3 17 4.1 17 5.5v9c0 1.4-1.1 2.5-2.5 2.5zm-9-13C4.7 4 4 4.7 4 5.5v9c0 .8.7 1.5 1.5 1.5h9c.8 0 1.5-.7 1.5-1.5v-9c0-.8-.7-1.5-1.5-1.5h-9z"></path></svg></span></button></div><span class="M_SkAgv" role="gridcell"><button tabindex="-1" class="P_0 q_T b_0 r_P D_F en_0 ab_C W_6LEV A_0 cdPFi_ZpQYvz cdPFi4_Z1TsNWR" type="button" data-test-id="icon-btn-read" title="Mark as unread"><span class="p_a L_Z1r6ru5 T_A W_dBP H_dBP o_h" aria-label="This message is read"></span></button></span><div class="D_F o_h G_e em_N" data-test-id="senders" role="gridcell"><span class="o_h J_x em_N G_e" role="gridcell" title="rlconnolly66@gmail.com"><span>Robert Connolly</span></span></div></div><span role="gridcell"><button tabindex="-1" class="k_BF q_T b_0 r_P D_F en_0 ab_C A_0 cdPFi_ZpQYvz h_Z13pql2 lv_1IWXzk cdPFi4_ZvsWfq h4_2d9T5e P_ZmsLO3 E_fq7" type="button" data-test-id="icon-btn-star" title="Star"><span class="H_6MGW"><svg viewBox="0 0 20 20" class="D_X W_6MGW H_6MGW cdPFi_ZpQYvz cZW7ROP_n en_0 cvhIH6_T" data-test-starred="false"><path d="M15.718 8.35a.501.501 0 00-.47-.35h-3.656l-1.13-3.475a.494.494 0 00-.94 0L8.393 8H4.736a.501.501 0 00-.29.902l2.958 2.152-1.13 3.482a.495.495 0 00.76.553l2.958-2.152 2.958 2.152a.493.493 0 00.76-.553l-1.13-3.482 2.959-2.152a.495.495 0 00.18-.553z"></path></svg><span class="p_a L_Z1r6ru5 T_A W_dBP H_dBP o_h" aria-label="Not starred"></span></span></button></span><div class="D_F o_h ab_C H_6D6F em_sL ej_0"><div class="D_F ab_C o_h H_6D6F em_N E_fq7 J_x"><div class="en_3ixhM o_h a_6D6F D_F ab_C"><span data-test-id="message-subject" class="en_N o_h G_e J_x" role="gridcell" title="Pic">Pic</span><span data-test-id="message-count" class="p_a L_Z1r6ru5 T_A W_dBP H_dBP o_h" role="gridcell"><span><span class="p_a L_Z1r6ru5 T_A W_dBP H_dBP o_h" data-test-id="accessible-message-count"><span>1 message</span></span></span></span><span data-test-id="draft-indicator" class="p_a L_Z1r6ru5 T_A W_dBP H_dBP o_h"></span></div><div class="J_x o_h Q_fq7 en_qh" data-test-id="snippet"><div class="J_x o_h G_e C_Z1YRXYn" role="gridcell">Sent from my Huawei phone</div></div></div><div class="s_6LEV en_0 i_0 M_3gJOe" data-test-id="attachment-icon-wrapper" role="gridcell"><span class="p_a L_Z1r6ru5 T_A W_dBP H_dBP o_h" data-test-id="accessible-no-attachment"><span>No attachment</span></span></div><div class="p_R D_F ek_EZ ab_C H_6D6F" role="gridcell"><time class="ab_C gl_CH D_F em_0 en_0 s_7jIs N_fq7 Q_fq7 A_6DUj C_Z281SGl date" role="gridcell"><span>24 Jul</span></time><button tabindex="-1" class="I_T r_P b_0 cdPFi_Z9gXaW cdPFi4_Z1rB5pY P_0" type="button"><span aria-label="Delete this message"></span></button></div></div></div></a></li><li role="list-item" class="H_A hd_n p_a L_0 R_0" style="top:192px;padding:0 16px"><a role="article" class="D_B bn_dBP bm_FJ bj_ZpQYvz ir3_1JO2M7 I4_1I4yPF" data-test-id="message-list-item" data-test-active="false" data-test-starred="false" data-test-read="false" tabindex="-1" aria-label="


Am I in danger? It seems there is a hidden button


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Hi Guys, I received today a very strange email. I opened it in Firefox 90.0.2 (64-bit) in windows 10. The message was empty but the source code was as follow :

Am I in danger? It seems there is a hidden button


Hello @fkiybfgidozsn


  1. Read before you create a new topic!, tutorial by @Danila T. → provide device OS & build & KIS version & patch please? 
  2. KIS does not manage mail accessed via a web browser. 
  3. The header is incomplete, is that the full source code → if “no” copy the entire source code to a text document (.txt) & attach to your reply please? 
  4. Post a full screen image of the email showing the “hidden button”? 
  5. Shutdown all applications, excluding KIS.
  6. Run a Full scan → allow it to complete & do not use any other apps while the scan is running. 

Please post back? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

Flood:whale: +:whale2:

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Additionally to @Flood and Flood's wife  after running a full scan  please mark the sender as “spammer”, trash the suspicious message , empty your trash- & spam folder,  and proceed with another scan.