Version 18, firewall find new bug, files access the network?

Hello Kaspersky company


I am using the Kaspersky version:
kaspersky internet security
""Of users.

Kaspersky's database antivirus and code are constantly being updated.

Recently I found:
My firewall function, the connection block function on almost every file, has a bug.

Even if I set the network access of individual files to be completely access internet , you can still access the network and connection.

Firefox and other windows files are set to be completely access internet , these files still being able to access the network and connection.
This has never been the case before, why is it happening now ???

Hop the bug of this firewall function can be resolved as soon as possible, otherwise the security will face almost the most serious threat.

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My OS  is  windows 10 Home version.



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@PaulYang, update your antivirus to the latest version and check the problem is reproducing.

Thank you for your answer.
I tried installing kaspersky internet security 2020 version.
I do n’t feel used to the 2020 version yet, temporarily.

Let me try again 2018 version , temporarily.

Hope to solve this problem.

Thank you .


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Hello @PaulYang 


I have a question for you, Do you use network proxy or VPN which pass over all the network traffic when you encounter this issue? If yes, It is by design if you don’t restrict this type of softwares network access privilege.