Upgraded to new computer, Can I get my program back?

  • 14 November 2019
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Hello, I had to upgrade my computer. Some files were recovered but the programs were wiped clean. I have a subscription with KIS. Is there a file somewhere that I can get so I can reactivate the program? I wrote down my License Key beforehand, and hopefully it is correct.

2 replies

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Welcome. You will need your current Activation Code, if you need to re-activate Kaspersky. The key that shows in the Kaspersky application is Not the activation code. You can find your activation code in My Kaspersky, too. 


If you need to re-install Kaspersky, the correct download links for you region are located in the links at the top left of this forum page, as well as My Account, too. 

Found it, thank you very much!