Unable to repair iCloud client in Windows 10 because Windows ask for some criptic msi package from the Kaspersky directory. [Closed]

The screenshot is in German but I hope support can help. I wanted to repair my iCloud client but during the repair Windows ask for some criptic msi package from the Kaspersky directory. Thanks.


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Hello Aq777,
Thank you for the screen prints!
Can you tell us please why you needed/wished to repair iCloud?
Was iCloud working before patch f?
Using Windows File Explorer, can you do a search for:


Find the folder path?
Please post back?
Thanks !
Hi! Thx for your prompt reply. The reason I want to repair the client is an error when I copy the path of a file on my PC I get an error from my iCloud client that it lost connection with my iCloud directories.

Searching for *iCloud64.msi does not return any results.
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Hello Aq777,
Was iCloud working before KIS patch f?
Are there any errors being captured in KIS reports - for iCloud?
Have you tried:
  1. Uninstall iCloud
  2. Reboot
  3. Reinstall iCloud
  4. Is one of the images representing "error iCloud client, lost connection with iCloud directories", posted above, if not would you please be kind and include that image as well please?
Many thanks!
iCloud was working for years on my PC. I don't know about patch f, but this error started recently(a week ago?). No error is shown under KIS reports.

I just don't understand how my iCloud installation relates to KIS. Why the iCloud installer requires msi packages from KIS? Can I solved this problem without reinstalling the KIS client?
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Hallo aq777,

Du hast in KIS sicher die Option "Update von Programmen" aktiviert. Damit lädt KIS das Update für die Programme herunter, speichert es in dem genannten Ordner "..\download_storage" und führt es aus. Daher der Bezug zu KIS.
KIS brauchst Du nicht neu installieren, iCloud wahrscheinlich schon.

You have surely activated the option "Software updater" in KIS. KIS downloads the update for the programs, saves it in the mentioned folder "..\download_storage" and executes it. Hence the reference to KIS.
You do not need to reinstall KIS, only iCloud.
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Hello Aq777,
Patch f (KIS) is rolling out, has been for about 10 days, (imo) this is where the issue started.
  • As previously stated and restated by Schulte:
  • Uninstall / reinstall iCloud - please follow the "reboot between each step" procedure and please let us know the outcome?
Many thanks!
Hi guys, thanks for all the suggestions

I have uninstalled and reinstalled iCloud.

Before uninstalling it I had to log out from the iCloud client. Unfortunately this step deletes all my locally stored files, so after the reinstallation I have to resync everything. This will take a day for I have large amount of data.

While KIS is my favorite anti-virus software I am disappointed this bug slipped through Kaspersky's quality management.
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Please inform Tech Support of this bug.

Please contact Tech Support: https://my.kaspersky.com/support/

Please attach the following items to your Tech Support request:

a. Description of the issue.
b. Screenshot, as needed.
c. GSI
Sorry, I don't think it should be my responsibility to file a bug report.

I have already spent too much time to analyze and solve this problem. Every information is included in my post.

Right, so I just decided to turn off the corrupt “Software Updater” function, and that seems to have solved the problem, assholes.