Unable to open port for javascript development

  • 31 December 2020
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I’ve been trying  unsuccessfully for hours to open up a port on my machine so that other computers on my local network can access my app, which I am hosting on port 4111 (I’ve also tried hosting on 8080, but still won’t work).   


  • localhost:4111 works just fine, so I know the app is up and listening.
  • Other computers can ping my dev machine and they can access the default port 80 web site on my dev machine, so I know it is not a connectivity issue.

My app:

  • Typescript app running with webpack-dev-server

What I’ve tried:

  • Enable port instructions.  (using additional->network settings)
  • Setting packet rules.   My rule is at the top of the list.  Here’s my rule:  

    (I’ve tried setting ports to just 8080 or 4111, still doesn’t work)

2 replies

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Hello @nebosite, Welcome.

Your screenshot leads to the assumption that you are not using KIS21 MR2 (
Which version is it exactly?

Can you please leave the 'Remote Ports' field empty and test the rule with it?

I figured it out.   The webpack-dev-server --host argument was set to localhost, which is fine for local debugging, but to have it work from a remote machine the --host argument must be the machine name, or the ip address of the machine.