Troyan Mail

Every day each half hour I recdeive Troyan mail from same mail address.

Kaspersky delate automaticlly, but I want remove or block before arrive to my mail address.

OS is Window 10  Mail programm is Out look.
I am a user of Kaspersly Interner Security

And name is :

HEUR: Trojan-Downloader.Script.Generic


I use same mail addresses in another machine but with this another machine I do not receive this troyan mail, so problem should be infection in some system in one machine.

I scanned with Kaspersly but no virus was detected.


What can I do???


Thank you

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@Lumica Welcome.
Please try this :
→ Settings → Mail Anti-Virus → Action on threat detection → Block




Thank you, Berny, Ive done it.

But is there any way to detect and clean this trojan virus??
In spite of I block mails, virus is still stain, really??


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@Lumica You are welcome. When Kaspersky detects a malicious object or website your system doesn’t get infected.