tranfer licence to device not working for Android

  • 27 October 2019
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Internet Security For Android does not allow licence to be transfered to any device. It recognized the device and my licence but will not send it to the devices ( i have 2 android devices, 1 Windows 10 device for which I use Internet Security for Windows. 

I do not have automatic on line protection because of this problem even though I have a valid licence.

Does anyone know a fix?



1 reply

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Hello @jocust10,


In your online MyKaspersky account, does the orignal (Android) device show disconnected & the 2nd Android, show connected or vice-a-versa?



Can you let me know which steps you’ve tried, to “send” the license to the 2nd Android & the Windows device please?

Is the KIS license for 3 devices?

Thank you.