tinkercad will not load I need to make an exception for this url. How do I go about that? I am using chrome.

  • 13 January 2020
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I cant open create link in tinkercad at  tinkercad.com. I need an exception for this url how do I do that?

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Hello @mbnaso,


Interesting, @ADned is also having a problem with Tinkercad: My Tinkercad with a lot of 3D designs will not load the designs anymore to the edit page:thinking:

Please follow my guidance:

:arrow_right: Add exclusions to:  Encrypted connections exclusions windowWeb Anti-Virus exclusions window, & Private Browsing exclusions window:arrow_left:

If, after adding exclusions, the issue remains, please let me know what happens when you try to  “open create link in tinkercad at  tinkercad.com” & the following please:

  1. Operating system full name, version & build?
  2. KIS version and patch(x) installed?
  3. Are there any visible errors?
  4. Does the issue happen in every browser?
  5. When did the issue begin?
  6. In the 24hrs preceeding the issue beginning, where there any software, hardware, network, environmental changes, any changes at all? If “yes” please detail the changes?
  7. When “cant open create link in tinkercad at  tinkercad.com” issue happens, does KIS show an errors in KIS Detailed Reports
  8. Images of what you see when you try to open a “create link in tinkercad at  tinkercad.com”?
  9. Is KIS licensed?
  10. Please run a GSI & Windows Logs, upload folder to cloud & post back the link?

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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