there is some kind of 200mb limitations.

  • 17 April 2020
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My name is uddipan.

Recently I bought Kaspersky internet security from Amazon but since I activated it in my windows 7 64bit PC I'm facing to much problem in using internet. Today I just saw there is some kind of 200mb limitations. Help me to fix this problem as soon as possible.



Uddipan Basu

3 replies

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Hello @Uddipan,


  • The KIS software/license, includes / installs Kaspersky Secure Connection-VPN application - Free, version.
  • Free KSC-VPN has a daily data limit of 200mb, which increases to 300mb if a one time connection is made to the MYKaspersky account.
  • Subscription KSC-VPN data is unlimited.
  • Free KSC-VPN, maximum number of connected devices - unlimited.
  • Subscription KSC-VPN, maximum number of connected devices - 5.
  • Free KSC-VPN uses the same 18 remote virtual servers as the subscription KSC-VPN, however, the servers are automatically selected. 
  • Free KSC-VPN version has no Technical Support.
  • Free KSC-VPN version may have advertising.  
  • KIS works without KSC-VPN, it is not mandatory to use KSC-VPN. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:



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@Uddipan hello, you need to add the Activation Code to your MyK account and then connect KSeC application to this MyK account.

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Hi, @Uddipan 

Was it solved? Please mark best answer. Thanks.