the number of pop up generated by KIS is just insane. [Closed]

  • 23 February 2020
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Hello, i am a Kaspersky customer since 1998 but today and for the first time i am sick of it.

I am using internet security and the number of pop up generated by KIS is just insane.

KIS is supposed to protect me, not the opposite.

If nothing is done to that Kaspersky pop up madness, 2020 will be my last year with any of your tools at home but also at work..




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Hello @albireo98,


  • Are the popups that are aggravating (you), file detections, web detections, application notifications, all of these, something else?
  • May I have the KIS Report please: open KIS, select More Tools, select Reports, select Detailed Reports, select ALL Events, select 7days, select Export, save the file as a .txt file, attach:paperclip: to your reply please?
  • How would you like the Kaspersky Community to help? 

Please let us know ?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


@albireo98  hello!

Could you provide some screenshots of the issue?

What is the scenario of the issue reproduction?

Export KIS settings (General - Manage settings), then restore KIS settings and retest the issue. Tell us about the results. 



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@albireo98, are you using Interactive protection mode or Automatic protection mode?