Tabletopia error (add firewall exception)

Hey guys


I’m trying to access this server via desktop program and browser (chrome). I can access when I deactivate Kaspersky Internet Security, so I’m pretty sure this is the cause.

I’m searching tutorials and setting but I’m not finding options to allow this. 

Anybody can help me out with clear step by step?


Thanks in advance

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Hello @hiro,


  1. Has Tabletopia via app or browser ever worked?
  2. Does the screen in the image show in every supported browser: Firefox, Chrome, Edge Chromium, IE? 
  3. Have you uninstalled and reinstalled Tabletopia application? 
  4. Export KIS Detailed Report, select All Events, 24hrs, save the report as a text file, :paperclip: attach to your reply please? 
  5. Run a GSI & Windows logs,  :paperclip: attach to your reply please? 

Please post back?

Thank you:pray_tone3:



I can run them when I deactivate KIS, as I stated here: “I can access when I deactivate Kaspersky Internet Security, so I’m pretty sure this is the cause.”

I really appreciate you trying to help, but as I said before, I was expecting straight forward tutorial to just how to add exclusions on firewall setting, and not a diagnosis of my PC :sweat_smile: Not application/program, but using url and port as the error message describes.

The error message is pretty clear about what I should allow, but I don’t know how to allow it.

Thank you anyway for trying to help.

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Hello @hiro,

You’re welcome!

  • We’ve read everything you wrote:thinking: , in the initial post & the reply:sweat_smile:
  • None of us use tarot cards, nor do we have time to consult a :crystal_ball:
  • In our Tabletopia browser & Tabletopia application - Steam tests “Tabletopia services blocked or unavailable” error is not replicable, subsequently, instead of spending the past 4hrs “trying” to help you, we played games, such fun🤭
  • Of course, we could share our firewall settings, but that wouldn’t meet your stated expectations. 

Thank you:pray_tone3:



How to set up Firewall in Kaspersky Internet Security 20

Kaspersky Internet Security library → search Firewall. 


How to make Kaspersky Internet Security get along with Steam

Guide for gamers

If KIS is licensed, you may wish to request firewall tutorial assistance from Kaspersky Technical Support, heads-up, they may also request information/data, that’s how these things work.