[Suggestion] Dark Mode/Theme UI for Windows

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As new updates come dark mode seems to be the new look on applications. Most applications today tend to offer a dark mode option in them. But in Kasperskey Internet Security app for Windows lacks that appearence. Even though this has nothing to do with cybersecurity the bright colors in the UI is harder on the eyes.

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Hello @hans2323!

Thanks for the suggestion !


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Hello everyone,


I believe that every Kaspersky home product (Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Security, Secure Connection and Password Manager) must have dark mode. In fact, every Kaspersky product, home and business, must have dark mode. At least that’s my personal opinion, I might be mistaken? We are in the end of 2020 and “dark mode” is everywhere, I don’t see why Kaspersky hasn’t implemented this yet.


I think that the dark mode should be included in the next version of Kaspersky, even in 2021 MR3, at least for the home products that I mentioned above.


Thank you in advance.

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Really need dark theme mode !!

I usually made all my software dark.

light theme make my eye uncomfortable :dizzy_face:

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I agree that dark mode should be a feature in Kaspersky
Most apps have dark mode nowadays for a reason: as we are required to spend more and more time on-screen in the digital age, dark modes have been introduced to reduce eye strain. They also reduce power consumption. Customers not only want, but expect every single application to have a dark mode. Even though one does not spend any longer than 10 minutes looking at the Kaspersky window each day, having to switch to it from a dark environment puts a lot of pressure on the eyes. I hope that Kaspersky adds a dark mode to their products soon.
Dark mode is no longer just a feature. It is a necessity.
Thank you.

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Dark mode is also essential for visually impaired people.

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Yes please make this!

i requested this a lon time age 2018/19 i think they said maybe on future versions and now 3 versions have passed and no sign of it anywhere :pensive: !

Dark mode is getting popular against people and gamers. Especially gamers like me mostly use dark mode. I use dark reader and windows default dark mode to make my whole pc dark mode. Its really annoying when i open kaspersky. As it is in white mode my eyes pain. Now even antiviruses like bitdefender added a default dark mode option for users. I have been using kaspersky for a long time now and i dont want to switch and everything is good but the unavailability of dark mode is annoying and sometimes frustrating. Thanks in advance.



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Any update progress to this?


I am very disappointed now that the people at bitdefender have succeeded add dark mode !!!

Kts patch b :( no dark mode,no interactive firewall :(

Bitdefender won't be releasing a new update with new features every year like many do. Instead they'll keep adding new features and changes whenever it's ready. Some other like Norton, ESET, F-Secure, etc already does this. This is better I think. No need to wait for a whole year for new feature updates.

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Dark mode exists and works already works in MacOS versions of KPM and other Kaspersky products, just need it ported over to windows too!

Can’t wait!

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yes it will be very nice if dark mode is included as well as the white mode and we have the option to change it. it feels very bad when the kaspersky app which is white just pops up in the dark background its very bad for the eyes sometimes and there are also people who has eye problems so they need the most. It will be very helpful if the dark mode was included.
Thanks in advance whoever saw and read my comment :) . 

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Hello fellow KIS 21.2.xxxx (patch b) users @hans2323 @elpano @Flood and Flood's wife@Hope kronos and others!

I have a sensitivity to light and had to look for a dark theme solution for the beloved product (I’ve been using Kaspersky products since the mid-2000s). Last night, I’ve successfully ported a custom dark theme created by one of the Russian-speaking users for the ru-RU version of KIS 21.2.xxxx (b) to en-GB version.  IMHO, it should work for any En version and likely for other versions too.

There are two perceived (!) roadblocks for me that prevent me from publicly (wink-wink) sharing this custom theme and its activation solution:

You must add a new folder (named customskin) to KIS main directory and add a new string value to Windows Registry (UseCustomSkins). Both of these actions will require a user to disable Self-defence, Pause Protection and Exit KIS completely for a brief moment (I personally unplugged my internet cable during that moment just in case).

It does not replace any existing files in any way, only adds new files/folders. Files of this custom theme have been scanned by a number of antiviruses just in case, but they appear to be regular xml files (you can open and edit them with Win Notepad and modify the theme even further).

Personally, I do not see posting the custom theme and its activation solution publicly as a problem, but I do not want to get banned on this forum. Perhaps, forum admins/ Kaspersky staff can solve my doubts regarding the two perceived roadblocks above? This is a custom theme after all and no funny business is required). Looking forward to hearing from admins/Kaspersky staff if I can post the solution publicly. Thanks!

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Omg why so much pain.  Will it be so hard and shameful if they just added the option dark mode before the custom theme. Like the customer needs to do many things. And its hard.

Sorry, @Hope kronos , I do not know. I am just trying to do what I can, with what I have, where I am.
Apart from the solution above, and the paraphrasing of the great Roosevelt, I could have offered another working American concept - "foot voting", but it looks like you might have already switched to a different product. Yet, if you are interested in my solution, feel free to DM.


I didnt switch 

I am waiting patiently like a statue for a true dark mode for kaspersky.


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Hello @abdulhkeem,


  • The feature has been released in Russian regions, so, we know it exists & (apparently) works, we’re all waiting for it to be distributed globally; it would be good to know why that’s taking so long:thinking:

Thank you:pray_tone3:


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Wow my eyes right now are hurting. Actually my whole windows 10 is dark mode so when ever i open my eyes it hurts. If kaspersky can make for macos then why not windows. In macos it looks good and not like it is in beta for macs it is fully functional. So why this delay to windows os.
I would really love kaspersky to add dark mode because other antivirus really did.
for example: Bitdefender, Avira,etc.

Yes, we absolutely need dark mode in kaspersky, for any product dark mode is a huge convenience for the eyes and just makes the product look better. I have seen for my self  (and others as well) that the absence of dark mode in kaspersky just makes the product less desirable compared to the likes of  bit defender. So for the sake of my self (and for others) please do add the option for dark mode. Thank you very much and do not worry i will know that you will see this.

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DOWNLOAD – files attached 

UNOFFICIAL CUSTOM DARK THEME for KIS 21.2 and 21.3 (Windows) 

I was asked to include the following text by a KL staff member. 


--This theme is unofficial, untested by Kaspersky Lab, 3rd party custom theme. Install at your own risk. -- 

Creation of a system restore point is recommended before proceeding. 



It does not appear that KL might be interested in dark theme for a Windows version for some unknown to the public reason. 

Well, I took matters in my own hands and using the instructions for KIS 2020 version posted in this thread earlier, I have created the following unofficial theme for KIS 21.2 and 21.3. 

Feel free to modify this theme using the instructions posted above for personal, non-commercial use. Please DO NOT request changes or further customizations, unless you have a working solution to the areas, I was not able to colour (Reports list in 21.2 and Settings list & Reports list in 21.3). 


I am not related to KL in anyway, I am not a programmers either.

Also, the instructions from 2020 are not valid on some KIS 2021 screens anymore. I suspect the code or layouts have changed since instructions were created in January 2020. 


No hacking or replacement of files is required. Only additional files/folders are added to existing KIS 21.2/3 installations. However, installation of the theme will require you to Turn off KIS Self-Defense, Pause KIS protection and completely exit KIS for a moment. The customskin folder needs to be added to the KIS directory. Note that KIS protect its directory and settings even when you exited KIS, but Self-Defense was left enabled. If you are not able to install the theme, please make sure you are following the instructions in the archive precisely step by step. 


Known Theme Limitations for KIS 21.2 version 

-Some minor screens and elements were not coloured due to lack of interest (Gaming mode & Webcam notifications, sliders, spinners, buttons, many secondary text elements) 

-Report screen has a known problem - the left “item list” background colour is hardcoded #FFFFFF colour. There is nothing I could do - let me know via DM if you solved this. 

-Does not affect the theme of Kaspersky Secure Connection or Kaspersky VPN (there were no public instructions how to customize that)


Known Theme Limitations for KIS 21.3 version 

All of the above. And in the Settings screen the Left “item list” menu background was hardcoded as #FFFFFF colour as well, so I could not find a way to change it via a theme. Let me know via DM if you solved this. 


Moderators: I have a permission from a KL staff member to post this Unofficial Custom Dark Theme if I indicate that it is unofficial, untested 3rd party theme. I have fulfilled the condition – please see the note above. I can provide proof of this communication, moderators, please let me know if you have any questions. 

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I suffer from tired eyes, photophobia and need Kaspersky Labs to introduce dark mode to KIS. Thousands of paying users of the app will be delighted. Thank you.

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Hello Kaspersky Community,

Thank you very much @Anton Mefodys and @Igor Kurzin for posting to this thread. But you know, Igor, that what you're suggesting isn't a solution. The "Custom Design Theme" isn't a solution.

The solution is one and only, Kaspersky must add dark mode in every Kaspersky product. I don't understand why Kaspersky hasn't implemented dark mode to their products yet, even when many users are requesting it here in the Community, and I believe that you might have many requests and suggestions about the dark mode at your Support as well. At last, Kaspersky really has to do something and add dark mode in every Kaspersky product.

These days, dark mode is everywhere (Windows, apps, sites, everywhere). Why can't Kaspersky understand that?

Every one is asking for the dark mode's addition for their own personal purposes.
Many people, like me, have a problem with our eyes and this white colour makes our lives difficult and it's very inconvenient as well. How shall I put this, white colour/light mode is really uncomfortable and hurts our eyes.

Kaspersky is a big company and they should listen, understand and respect their costumers and their needs. So, I believe that Kaspersky will implement dark mode to their products and that must happen as soon as possible.

Thank you in advance and sorry for any inconvenience.

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Its been a long time. Like literally i have nothing to say i am speechless. Dont they give a damn about their customer. Are their services this bad. How do they expect so much patience from us when the task is simple. Just how long does it take to write 000000 as their code or any hex something whatever code kaspersky is written in. Just type if the users presses that dark mode ;else light. Like there might be atleast 100 programmers in kaspersky how long does it even take. Like will they introduce it when linux takes over and windows 10 rein of throne will be finally over. Comeon man it isnt even tahat hard like why did mac users get it then. Why justice to mac users and injustice to windows like is this how kaspersky justify people. Comeon man our eyes hurt should this be a great concern to kaspersky. Make it simple atleast bitdefender didnt leave their windows customer behind they listened. I am sorry but this image was taken from one of my friends laptop who was bullying me thanks to kaspersky :cry: . I know its a bit of odd reason to get sad for this but my friend is telling all about dark mode everytime i chat with him which makes me sad as i the one who loves dark mode so much cant take full experience thanks to kaspersky. Sorry if it hurt somebody.


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By the way why make things so complicated for the user. It would be wise if there was an option to chose between dark and light mode. Just like the other softwares in the market like bitdefender or windows customs dark theme which syncs with toher software like chrome and edge and also bit. so it would be good if kaspersky detect windows theme and give the option.

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options are good - I cannot read the application at all, and have to invert colours to work out what is going on. As OP said, dark theme is essential for many people with severe sight impairment, like myself.

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Hi, in some regions (not in all) there is an option to use a custom theme:

The theme presets are not available in current version, themes are to be created by the users. 

Here is an instrucion (unfortunately, only in Russian; you can translate, e.g. via Chrome ): 



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Alas, not present in mine. Only option of alternate icon.