[Suggestion] Dark Mode/Theme UI for Windows

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As new updates come dark mode seems to be the new look on applications. Most applications today tend to offer a dark mode option in them. But in Kasperskey Internet Security app for Windows lacks that appearence. Even though this has nothing to do with cybersecurity the bright colors in the UI is harder on the eyes.

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Please keep the light version. Much easier to read with my varifocals. Dark themes are more strain on my eyes.

Hello @Canard1066


Do not worry, Kaspersky will not replace light with dark. 

So far, in the regions where dark has been made available, it’s offered as an alternative choice, not compulsory. 

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Is Dark Mode not yet available in Israel for Kaspersky Total Security?

I can't seem to find an option to enable it in the settings


Plz make dark mode its 2022 you must make it!!!!