[Suggestion] Dark Mode/Theme UI for Windows

  • 15 August 2020
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As new updates come dark mode seems to be the new look on applications. Most applications today tend to offer a dark mode option in them. But in Kasperskey Internet Security app for Windows lacks that appearence. Even though this has nothing to do with cybersecurity the bright colors in the UI is harder on the eyes.

13 replies

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Hello @hans2323!

Thanks for the suggestion !


Yes please make this!

Dark mode is also essential for visually impaired people.


I am very disappointed now that the people at bitdefender have succeeded add dark mode !!!

Kts patch b :( no dark mode,no interactive firewall :(

Bitdefender won't be releasing a new update with new features every year like many do. Instead they'll keep adding new features and changes whenever it's ready. Some other like Norton, ESET, F-Secure, etc already does this. This is better I think. No need to wait for a whole year for new feature updates.

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Hello everyone,


I believe that every Kaspersky home product (Antivirus, Internet Security, Total Security, Secure Connection and Password Manager) must have dark mode. In fact, every Kaspersky product, home and business, must have dark mode. At least that’s my personal opinion, I might be mistaken? We are in the end of 2020 and “dark mode” is everywhere, I don’t see why Kaspersky hasn’t implemented this yet.


I think that the dark mode should be included in the next version of Kaspersky, even in 2021 MR3, at least for the home products that I mentioned above.


Thank you in advance.

Really need dark theme mode !!

I usually made all my software dark.

light theme make my eye uncomfortable :dizzy_face:

Any update progress to this?


I find that the current light scheme is excellent and far easier to read with my varifocal glasses.


options are good - I cannot read the application at all, and have to invert colours to work out what is going on. As OP said, dark theme is essential for many people with severe sight impairment, like myself.

yes it will be very nice if dark mode is included as well as the white mode and we have the option to change it. it feels very bad when the kaspersky app which is white just pops up in the dark background its very bad for the eyes sometimes and there are also people who has eye problems so they need the most. It will be very helpful if the dark mode was included.
Thanks in advance whoever saw and read my comment :) . 

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Hi, in some regions (not in all) there is an option to use a custom theme:

The theme presets are not available in current version, themes are to be created by the users. 

Here is an instrucion (unfortunately, only in Russian; you can translate, e.g. via Chrome ): 



Alas, not present in mine. Only option of alternate icon.

Failing that, is it possible to let high contrast theme set colour for Kaspersky? It’s what has happened with my other apps, but understand it might be disallowed for security.

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