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so every time I run this … Program---   sonic-pi.net  from this site.. === It does not work ,,,, UNTIL I shut down and exit your program .. so after that it will load and run.. this is a problem IMO that I end the internet security at that point.. with .. your protection .. and work with this program.. this is not acceptable at all.. 

Please fix this.. problem and make it stop checking my audio stream and video stream for new.. feeds and uses that I have to approve, that doesn’t work anyway.



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Hello @jetseen


  1. Does the problem happen irrespective of browser used? 
  2. Have you added exclusions
  3. Open KIS, select MORE TOOLS, select Reports, select Detailed Reports, select All Events, select  7days, select Export, export the Report, save as a .txt file, :paperclip: attach the Report to your reply?

Thank you:pray_tone3:


I have been doing this a couple times just starting the program sonicpi.exe… it would come up with wanting a confirmation that that program can use the audio connections.. each time there were two things I had to click ok to..   but the program would not continue on after that and then it would crash the sonic-pi and close.. then I would stop the net security from you guys I would not get the added confirmation windows.. and it would work … well today ,,, tonite.  I started it again .. forgetting to stop the security program.. and so I clicked the two confirmation windows the program crashed but I restarted right away it said it had a boot error but then well after that window the program started by itself .. just had to restart after it stopped.. I guess that is fixed and such … I am not sure it has only happened tonite when I ran the program.. =-=  If this changes I will post more .. but I guess it is a double start for now. --- it is ok.  I am in a better mood tonite too.   :)  

yep no problems today it just started fine.. so I just had to give it time I guess.  --- thanks.