Software installed without my consent.

I don't use or even I'm going to use Password Manager or Parental Control, so because all software updates are installed without my wanting to or even seeing the installation, I always remove even the VPN that doesn't work.


Before when it was all in a single installer, today buying Internet Securyt doesn't come complete anymore, every day the company modifies the software for the worse, they even took the license for 3 years.

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Kaspersky internet security will ask you (check box) if you wish install kaspersky password manager also (you can uncheck if you dont need this) and also parental control does not exists now it is called safe Kids and this also is optional you must click manually on button download and separate installation if you want safe Kids.... 

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During the installation process, although the user can cancel the installation of KPM and KSeC components, it is selected by default, and the user will install them into the application if they do not pay attention. Obviously, this is a bundled installation.

In fact, Kaspersky has been pushing users to install advertisements for password managers and browser extension programs since last year, but the effect does not seem to be good, so that they can only use this method to expand their market share.