Safe Money has stopped working in my chrome browser

I have had my bank attached to the safe money browser for a long time but suddenly I am getting a message that my Self Defence is disabled.
When I go through all the setting my self defence is on and the link to the bank account it there enabled .
I did read to go in and change the self defence to enable - it was already so unticked the box and got a confirmation request . When I ticked the enable box again to enable I didn't get a confirmation request.
It all says it is on but still won't work when I go in to my bank.

I thought a new update might clear it so have updated again but still the problem exists. Reading solutions you have given woomera I am afraid that all you said to do has gone way over my head so is there a simple solution or do I not use the facility anymore?

I bought Kaspersky and have use dit for years with the knowledge that I let it keep me secure and don't have to do much other than be careful with passwords etc.

I am also not very good at screen prints so hope I don't have to do those for you either.
Please can anyone help me?

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suel25, sorry to hear of your problem. It might be helpful if you say which K package and version you have. I take it that nothing else happened with K immediately before your problem that might have triggered a change? .

Can you say if you get the green line on all 4 sides when you click on your bank in Safe Money?

Kaspersky Internet Security.

Application Version

Is that ok? not sure what to find anywhere else.

Would you believe it I went in to see if I could get the for green lines and it is now working.
I haven't done anything other than post in here and wait for a reply and now it is working after 2 days of frustration.

I am very relieved and thank you for answering me mikethebike
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suel25, I am glad things seem to be working again. You haven't said where you are but I am surprised that your Kaspersky Internet Security (KIS) hasn't updated to patch(e). You currently have patch (d) I am in the U.K. and I was automatically updated to patch e a few weeks ago

Maybe someone more knowledgeable than I will be able to comment on this

mikethebike I am in the UK too but haven't seen any patches. Do I need to do something or will it do it in time automatically with the new updates?

At least it is working again so I can wait for the new patch to arrive I hope.
Thanks for answering my question.
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It might be worth looking at your settings. This is the "gear wheel " icon on the bottom left of the screen. Click on this and then click on Protection and this will give you a list. At the bottom of that list you should see Software Updater. Click on this and you will see a section on Update There are two boxes which you can tick. Then under the lower section there is Search for application updates. You can tick either Important updates that improve security or all updates.

If these boxes are already ticked then by now I'd have thought that you should have been automatically upgraded to patch (e)

If they are ticked then maybe a moderator can say why you still haven't got patch(e) but of course even with patch (d) you are still protected so nothing to worry about.

Thank you for that answer mikethebike. I followed your directions but only have either or for the boxes update tick. I changed the box and then ran a manual update but I still have version (d).
Maybe someone could help - I thought I would try support but got totally bogged down with sending a report so left it. To be honest that is a little beyond me .
I will settle with (d)

I also did something in firefox and the kaspersky security safe money kicked in without even naming the site. That I was impressed with so if I have trouble with chrome I will use FireFox as that is working over and beyond what I expected.
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Hello Suel,
Can you please post a screen print of: "only have either or for the boxes update tick" please?

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Hello Suel,
Have you selected:
  • [All updates for all known apps]? & run [Software Updater] https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS/2019/en-US/68950.htm manually?
  • Have you [Reset] KIS [Restore settings] https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS/2019/en-US/68151.htm
  • If not, please do so, if you've configured/changed any KIS settings (for example, added Safe $ www sites), & you'd like to keep them, BEFORE [Restore settings] do [Export settings], then, after we've got your patch(e) issue fixed we can [IMPORT] original settings.
  • If a KIS [Reset] doesn't work we need to uninstall & reinstall KIS, but, let's not worry about that until you try the KIS RESET, let us know please if that works?
BTW, you did super with the screen print, so I don't agree with your "I'm not very good with screen prints", the screen print is perfect!
& a question Suel, please let us know if, in Google Chrome, you have the Kaspersky Protection extension loaded?
It's a separate issue to patch(e), however, it's important:
  • In a Google Chrome browser please (copy/paste) enter the following:
> press enter
  • post back a screen print of whatever is displayed please?
Thanks again!

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Hello Suel,
I can see from your above, above post you have changed the Software Updater (all updates for known applications) & reran... My apologies, I missed that🙃!
Have you done the 1st part (reset) etc?
Please let us know!
Sorry I hadn't got back to you was just setting up a new laptop which took my time.
I noticed on the new laptop that downloading and then activating the licence I had version (e).
I have also noticed that the daily update of (d) has some components failed.
If I were to uninstall and install the latest version do I keep my settings and relevant information with the licence or is there a way of saving them?
Looking at reset seems to be a long way to do it when I have limited time and understanding of the things required .
Obviously if it isn't updating everything some thing should be done.
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Hell Suel
Good to hear your "voice"😊
Ok, just for clarification you have a new LT with KIS 1908(e)? & another LT/device with KIS(d)?
Referring only to LT(d), before you remove KIS(d), if you have set, added/tweaked (d) with any infor you'd like to keep, e.g. bank/financial/ settings in Safe $ or have set up any ADDITIONAL filters, e.g. AntiSpam (blocked senders), record ALL of your information you wish to have with a new/clean install of KIS, either do screen prints, write down the info, any way you like, just so you don't have to remember all the previously input info (if there is any)....If there's no information you've tweaked KIS(d) with just ensure you have a written down the KIS licence information -: https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS/2019/en-US/90447.htm - to get to this screen in KIS, select the 🎧 icon, on LICENCE KEY - numbers/letters - press enter - [LICENCE information] window will pop up, screenprint & or write down the info on that screen.

After the above prep:
  • Completely uninstall KIS,
  • Reboot/restart.
  • Download KIS
  • Install.
  • Reboot/Resart
  • Run a (manual) database update [ https://help.kaspersky.com/KIS/2019/en-US/93958.htm ]
  • Check version - if it's (e), check ALL KIS settings, after a clean install, sometimes, some features can be off - for example - IM anti-virus.
  • If you sign into your MyK [ https://my.kaspersky.com/ ], signin & check 1. the device is attached & synchronised.
When you've confirmed:
LT/Device has patch e
Has all the settings - on,
all components showing as working/active/ok
& the original issues that were concerning you as no longer existing - please
  • Run a full scan ( it may run for a long time), let it run to completion please.
Check again, all done, all dusted, if yes, have a cuppa, enjoy KISe, if no, post back & we'll help....
I think I may have stumbled on the answer - well I hope I have. I have gone through the process of uninstalling then installing always to see version (d) but the last installation told me I should have the UK version. As I haven't any idea of what I should download it has been pot like as to the version I have found online to install. Would it be possible for you to give me a link of the version I should install please and I will try again.
The licence takes on each occasion but I still have (d). The other thing is maybe I should disable my Guarded ID to do all this, do you think I should?
As you were as was typing the last message on the new laptop as the old was rebooting I finished the message sent it only to see I now have (e) on the problem one. So all seems ok. I will check it out in the morning now as it is past my bed time.
Thank you for all your help.
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Hello Suel,
Re: All seems ok: 👍😊! We're all happy everything is ok!

I'm not familiar with Guarded ID; if it's [GuardedID®] or any other software with similar purpose: general advice is:
"any software that APPEARS to be blocking an install/upgrade of ANY LEGITIMATE software", stop, pause, exit, the software suspected of blocking/interfering, restart/proceed with install of legitimate software, if install/upgrade is successful, restart software that was suspected of interfering."

🔴Any software removal/update/refresh: reboot/restart: between each step🔴

If you run into trouble with anything Suel, post back please, there's always help.

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🔸https://www.kaspersky.com/ - at the very bottom of page, right hand corner, change [GLOBAL] to the required region


🔷upgrade/refresh of any existing KAV/KIS/KTS software:

🔴https://support.kaspersky.co.uk/kis19#downloads, is with Kaspersky team for updating/document review🔴


Therefore, go to:
🔷Therefore go to: https://www.kaspersky.co.uk/downloads,

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To download the full installer for KAV/KIS/KTS, use the following links:

Kasperksy Anti-Virus 2019

Kaspersky Internet Security 2019

Kaspersky Total Security 2019
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suel25, I suspect that your transfer to patch(e) was always going to happen anyway but for some reason was simply very slow. It would help on occasions if other U.K. users of KIS were to come forward and say if they still haven't got the latest patch when a member is concerned about not being upgraded. At least that way the member knows that the problem is not theirs alone and may not be due to any issue with their own set-up

For what it is worth I have always had all the update boxes ticked so that I should have received the auto update to KIS2018 but for some reason I remained on KIS17 until suddenly K decided to update me to KIS19

Why the delay in my case, I'll never know but it may show that such delays do occur as seems to be the case with you and patch (e)

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Hello Mikethebike,
We can attest to the fact there's no rhyme or reason to the distribution schedule of patches -:[https://community.kaspersky.com/kaspersky-total-security-14/alert-kts-restart-required-your-pc-needs-to-be-restarted-to-finish-setting-up-this-device-kasperky-lab-power-events-provider-the-installation-update-of-patch-e-685 ], it's even worse with K patches from Playstore, even with auto-update set, the patches are region specific (that's normal), however, there's no indication in the app info, when the patch is available, the Labs answer is "just keep checking the Playstore"; "oh, ok, 24x7x30x???"; don't think so...😞
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Was this problem been solved? Let me know the result, Thanks!

Best regards.