Repeated: "Error during an encrypted connection scan..."

  • 12 March 2021
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I’m using a desktop PC: Windows 10, Home, 64-bit.  From out of nowhere, seemingly, the same error recurs: “Error during an encrypted connection scan in a Kaspersky application” (“Latest update: February 8, 2021   ID: 13720

I have not installed any new software or added any new extensions to Firefox or to MS Edge.  Furthermore, the errors repeatedly point the same: “Error while scanning the encrypted connection with cache.api.intel.com,” etc.  When I scan the website with OpenTip it indicates “Good.”

I’m given the choice of either adding the website to exclusions or to Ignore the notification.  But, as I say, this happens every time we start out PC.

All comments and suggestions as to a fix will be appreciated.




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Hello @LICIL


  1. Please provide full screen images of “Error while scanning the encrypted connection” including any additional screens, if there’s a details option? 
  2. & please provide the information requested by @Danila T. Read before you create a new topic? 

Thank you:pray_tone3:

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