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  • 21 November 2019
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When I try to open https_://www.g2a.com in my browser, it launches the protected browser and then the screen freezes and I have to reboot the computer.  This is replicable and has happened 4 times in a row.  I have a computer that’s 2 months old, i7-8565U and i don’t know either how to turn Kaspersky off to go on that site or why it’s happening … any thoughts?



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Please clear your Browser cache , also please try with another Browser ?

Yes, the same is happening to my PC. This is the 5th time i had to force shutdown my brand new PC. 

Emptying the browser cache seems to have worked for me.  I’ll test it more extensively after work, but that does seem to have solved it! :)

I’ve tried to use the site for 10 minutes continuously and then it crashed again.  When the computer loads up again I tried opening it and it crashes again.  I can continuously empty the browser cache, but is this really the best it can be?  Is there anyway I can turn off Kaspersky for this website as I trust it and don’t want it crashing my computer each time?

Thank you!

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Please check this article https://support.kaspersky.com/13975#block3

> Settings > Protection> Web Anti-Virus > Advanced Settings > Configure Trusted URL's > Add

As instructed, I cleared the browser cache and still, when opening a protected browser within 10 to 20 seconds it freezes the computer and restarts it automatically. I tried with a different browser, its the same issue. Can you please provide the right fix for it?

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Hello  @Kothan,


  1. (If the operating system is Windows) run in SafeMode with Networking & test the  “freezes the computer and restarts it automatically” issue ?
  2. Also, have you recently updated any software? If “yes”, please provide information for the following:
  3. Have you recently performed any KIS software compatibility checks?
  4. Is the “freezes the computer and restarts it automatically” issue new or has always happened? 
  5. What is the System Default browser?
  6. What is the KIS Default browser? 
  7. Is any Beta software being used?
  8. What Virtual Environments are enabled/installed? 
  9. Please provide GSI & Windows Logs, upload the .zip folder to cloud & PM the link please? 
  10. Have you raised the issues with Kaspersky Lab Technical Support? 

Thank you. 

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@Kothan Can you please check if you have Log files in folder “Application Data\Kaspersky Lab”

I contacted the helpdesk and they asked me to disable the protection using hardware virtualization. Now it's working. If there is an issue again will report back. Thanks, @FLOOD @Berny 

I got the same problem. Enter in protected mode and freeze all system. Nothing worked out. Only the power button. 

Last week problem. Before that all was fine. WE ALL NEED UPDATE!! 


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@Allekz Welcome. Please contact K-Lab Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com 


My computer was freezing every time I used the Safe Mode.  After reading this thread, I cleared my cache and it worked the next time I was in the Safe Mode.  My computer froze when  I used Safe Mode the next day.  My question is: do I have to clear my cache each and every time I want to use this Safe Mode  feature?

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Hello  @KrisD,


  • Resetting the browser every time you wish to use Safe Money is not normal
  • Does the issue happen irrespective of browser used? 

If you’re using KIS 20, please check:

  1. Kaspersky Internet Security 20 System Requirements
  2. List of applications incompatible with Kaspersky Internet Security 20
  3. Kaspersky Internet Security 20 release notes

If all check ok, please open a case with Kaspersky Technical Support, please include GSI & Windows Logs, Support may also request Traces, they will guide you with the collection of these.

& please let us know the outcome?

Thank you

KIS20 Library

For all who enctountered the issue:

try to temporary disable the option Use hardware virtualization if available (Settings - Additional - Additional protection and management toolsthen reboot and retest the issue.


Tell me about the result.

Thank you!


Hi Berny - clearing the cache worked for that one site.  The next time I tried to use the protected browser, it crashed again.  I followed your recommendation on this thread to disable hardware acceleration but it crashed again.  I’m using Chrome.  Honestly I’m just going to turn off internet protection whilst it’s like this becuase I can’t do the things I need to do.  I hope you can find a solution quickly otherwise I’ll have to just go to another virus software.

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@gettingthere Please see the Post above your Post from  @Anton Mefodys K-Lab RU.
It looks like this issue is not resolvable on this Forum .
Please contact K-Lab Technical Support https://center.kaspersky.com

I am getting the same problem and Kaspersky is becoming a pain in the a###. Having my PC hang on me about 50 times in the last few weeks.


@Kaspersky, your solution of clearing the browser cache does not work. 

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@Nickat Welcome. Please see the Post above your Post.

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@Nickat, sorry to hear about this issue. Please contact technical support via my.kaspersky.com if the workaround to disable the option Use hardware virtualization if available (Settings - Additional - Additional protection and management tools) does not help.

I’ve been having this same issue for several weeks - sometimes when the protected browser opened the computer would freeze (not crash or bluescreen) and I would then need to hard power off to get it to reboot.  Was able to replicate this issue fairly easily.   Windows 10, i9 CPU, desktop with all the latest hardware (only about 4 months old).  Turning hardware virtualization off as was suggested did seem to stop the freezing, but I then started having issues with Paypal not returning back to the original purchasing site.  Very frustrating.  I’ve stopped using the protected Kaspersky browser until a fix is in place.